Sublimation Printer – The SubliXpress

The SubliXpress is a high-end, low-cost printing solution for dye-sublimation printing. The SubliXpress Plus uses a gold-plated metal encoder for more precise printing at high speeds. This design also prevents the paper from curling up at the edges. Its zero water-consumption printing technology makes it ideal for first-time investors, but it is also ideal for those who have already invested in a high-volume dye-sublimation printer.

The SubliXpress is India’s fastest ROI 1.6-meter, hi-speed dye-sublimation printer. It can print up to 2000 square meters in a single day. It features 4 inkjets with variable drop sizes between 4-72 pl. It also features infrared drying and color management software. This makes the SubliXpress an excellent business partner. If you’re considering buying a high-volume dye-sublimation printer, the SubliXpress is a great choice.

The SubliXpress replaces six older technology sublimation printers. It has an incredible production capacity of over 9,000 square meters per day. The SubliXpress Plus also has a dual-rail setup to help you get the right print quality. Its sturdiness eliminates vibration and ensures a long-lasting product. In addition, it is equipped with a Jumbo Roll Feeder and an Anti-Crash Sensor.

The SubliXpress is the fastest industrial-scale sublimation printer available. It features an advanced degassing system and two to eight Kyocera industrial print cartridges. The SubliXpress is capable of printing up to nine thousand square meters of paper in one day in speed mode. Its multiple brush rollers smooth out the paper and prevents ink bubbles. Its variable-speed operation is another major feature.

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SubliXpress is an industrial-grade machine with four different print-heads. It supports the ColorJet edition of Onyx. With its dual-heads, the SubliXpress allows you to print on various Fabric Printer, including polyester and cotton. It also supports several file formats and a wide range of colors. The SubliXpress provides an extremely high-quality output. Its versatility and flexibility allow it to be used as a high-volume commercial dye-sublimation printer.

The SubliXpress Plus is one of the high-volume dye-sublimation printers. It is compatible with a large range of fabrics, such as woven- and nonwoven materials. Additionally, the SubliXpress Plus features a gold-plated metal encoder for more precise and consistent printing at high speeds. This model is the most versatile of all the three models. The SubliXpress is the most popular and affordable of all of the Dye-Sublimation Printers, and is capable of printing on all types of fabrics.

The SubliXpress is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a high-end, high-performance dye-sublimation printer. The SubliXpress is also equipped with multiple brush rollers and has a dual-stage drying system. It is a versatile device, ideal for production of small gifts and promotional items. With the SubliXpress, you can create beautiful textiles. The printer will produce fine details on fabric, so that the customer can use it as a reference in future.

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The SubliXpress uses a highly advanced Piezoelectric inkjet technology and has a capacity of 9,000 square meters per day. Its infrared dryers provide instant drying, eliminating the need for expensive inks. The SubliXpress is an eco-friendly option for printing on a wide variety of fabrics. It is also ideal for producing home-made personalised merchandise.

The SubliXpress is India’s fastest high-speed industrial sublimation printer. Its four-color print heads are ideal for printing on both light-colored and dark-colored fabrics. The subliXpress is capable of printing in a variety of ink intensities between four and 72 PL. The SubliXpress is capable of handling 400mm rolls and a diameter of up to 1660mm.

The SubliXpress is an efficient and affordable digital fabric printing solution. It has the highest speed and best quality of any of the other machines. The SubliXpress uses the latest technology and includes a high-end, industrial-grade sublimation ink. In addition to being the most efficient, the SubliXpress is also the cheapest. The cost of the printer is affordable for small businesses.

The SubliXpress is a cost-efficient and versatile dye-sublimation printer. The sublimation printing process is a great choice for small businesses and individuals who wish to create high-quality printed products. This sublimation printer allows you to produce quality images without any trouble. It is compatible with any type of material, from leather to fabric. And you’ll find that it’s a good option if you need to buy large quantities of a particular item.

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