Susan L. Oberg

Susan L. Oberg Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents

Facts of Susan L. Oberg
Full Name:Susan L. Oberg
Age:49 years
Birthday:11 Sep
Husband:Sid Haig
Net Worth:$700 k
Height:6 feet 0 inches (1.83m)
Profession:body piercer, creative consultant, and celebrity partner

Susan L. Oberg is a former professional body piercer, creative consultant, and celebrity partner. Susan L. Oberg rose to prominence after marrying popular American actor Sid Haig. Sid Haig is well-known for his roles in TV shows such as “MacGyver,” “The A-Team,” “Star Trek,” “MacGyver,” and “Fantasy Island.”

How old is Susan L. Oberg?

Susan L. Oberg was born on September 11, 1972, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Her current age must be forty-eight years old, and her sun sign is Virgo. Similarly, Susan is an American citizen of Caucasian ethnicity. Susan went to a private high school for her education. Susan then attended Temple University, where she earned a Fine Arts degree in the Tyler School of Art. She was more interested in metals with her arts at the time.

How much is Susan L. Oberg’s net worth?

Susan has obviously earned a lot of money on her own as a tattoo artist, body piercer, actress, and creative consultant. The self-sufficient woman currently has a net worth of around $700 thousand. Her husband, on the other hand, had a net worth of $1.5 million prior to his death. She also received compensation for previous acting roles.

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Susan L. Oberg has also amassed some wealth since her husband’s death. It was because she received all of her husband’s wealth in accordance with Sid’s will. Susan is currently living alone and managing her late husband’s assets.

Is Susan L. Oberg in a relationship?

Susan L. Oberg is now a widow. She and Sid Haig married on November 2, 2007, in a lavish ceremony in California. Susan and Sid dated for a long time before getting married. The couple met for the first time on a film set while recording one of Sid Haig’s films. They were always together, but Sid’s death tore them apart. Despite being in a loving relationship for many years, the couple has never had a child.

The main reason for this was their vast age difference: Sid was in his sixties, while Susan was only in her thirties. Susan and her family were devastated by the actor’s death. Susan L. Oberg even posted a photo of herself holding Sidney’s hand in the hospital. In the touching tribute, Susan also stated that he was her true love and best friend. Susan has also avoided unfavorable controversies and rumors.

How tall is Susan L. Oberg?

Susan L. Oberg is a big fan of tattoos and body piercings. She herself has numerous tattoos and piercings all over her body. In fact, she has turned her body into a canvas on which he has displayed her passion for art. Aside from that, the lovely artist stands 5 feet 11 inches tall, or 180 cm or 1.8 m. Susan also weighs an average of 65 kg (143 lbs). Similarly, Susan’s body measurements are 36-30-38 inches. Susan’s shoe size is 8 (UK), and she wears a bra size 34 B. In addition, the celebrity wife has lovely blue eyes and short brown and straight hair.

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Susan L. Oberg enjoys listening to music, traveling to different places, and watching movies in her spare career. Susan’s favorite celebrities are Robert Downey Jr. and Natalie Portman. Susan enjoys visiting Greece and eating Italian food. Similarly, Susan enjoys the color white and spending most of her time with her loved ones.

 Career line of Susan L. Oberg

  • The lovely artist began working as a professional body piercer. She also used to own and operate her own studio. She eventually got some acting roles after her marriage to actor Sid Haig was over. It was only because of her husband that it was successful. “Brotherhood of Blood” was one of her first acting roles, which she landed in 2007.
  • There, Susan worked as Haig’s assistant. She also worked as a unit publicist on “Dark Moon Rising” after two years.
  • Her most recent project was “High on the Hog,” which also happened to be her husband’s final film. Susan served as a creative consultant on her most recent project.
  • Sid Haig began his career as a dancer in a children’s Christmas production. After finishing high school, he began learning to play the drums, which assisted him in obtaining a recording contract. He also collaborated with a variety of other bands, including the T-Birds in their song “Full House.”
  • Friends encouraged Sid to pursue a career in acting. After finishing his training, he traveled to Hollywood with his friend Stuart Margolin.
  • His professional acting career began in the 1960s. He collaborated with director George Lucas on his first film, “THX 1138.” He then appeared in the film “Diamonds Are Forever.”
  • The actor then began to get more opportunities. He also appeared in a number of TV shows, including “Gunsmoke,” “The Man from UNCLE,” “Mission: Impossible,” “Star Trek,” and “Charlie’s Angels.” He decided to end his acting career in 1992.
  • Later, Sid returned to work after director Quentin Tarantino cast him in the film “Jackie Brown.” In the 2000s, he reappeared in a number of films, transforming himself into a horror icon. Sid later appeared in “House of 1000 Corpses” and “The Devil’s Rejects.”
  • Later, he collaborated with Zombie on the remakes of “Halloween” and “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.” Then there was Sid, who appeared in “Devil in My Ride” and “The Lords of Salem.”
  • Sid Haig was admitted to the hospital in early September 2019 after falling at his home in Thousand Oaks, California. During his recovery, Aspergillus Pneumonia infected him, causing him to vomit in his sleep. He died on September 21, 2019, when he was eight years old.
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