Teach Your Child with a Private, Online Korean Tutor

Does your child need to learn Korean? Maybe they are traveling for a study abroad opportunity or a school trip, and they’d benefit from knowing this language. On the other hand, maybe your family is moving overseas, and you want your child to know the native language. Or, perhaps your family is from Korea, and you’d like your child to be able to speak Korean at home and interact with relatives. Whatever the reason is, an online Korean tutor can make it possible for your child to learn the language. 

Reasons to Consider an Online Korean Tutor

If you want your child to learn Korean, an online Korean tutor is probably your best option when you compare it to the pitfalls of some alternatives. Some people may choose a do-it-yourself software program, but the reality is that these programs can be difficult for a child to navigate on their own, and they do not provide the direct instruction that an online Korean tutor can. 


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What are Learning Targets?

Even though these software programs can be advanced, they are only as smart and helpful as they were coded to be. They don’t bring the intelligence, patience, and attention that real tutors bring to the virtual environment of private, online tutoring.

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Beyond software programs, some parents may consider enrolling their children in classes at a local college, university, or youth learning center. While this option may be available to some people, it can become quite costly and time-consuming to take college or university courses. 

Compared to utilizing software programs or taking college courses, an online Korean tutor offers the following advantages:

  • One-on-one attention: Your child can ask questions and focus on the topics that are most difficult for them to master
  • The convenience of receiving tutoring from home: There’s nowhere to travel when you can learn from anywhere.
  • Cost-savings: Compared to university tuition, you save a great amount. 
  • The ability to schedule anytime: Sessions fit your family’s schedule.
  • More efficient use of time: You will not have to travel to a college or learning center (or take time off from work to take your child to classes or lessons).

How long does it take for a child to learn Korean?

When parents are considering an online Korean tutor for their child, they often wonder how long it will take to learn the language. The truth is that the answer depends on several factors. For example, students who spend more time studying and working with an online Korean tutor will likely acquire the language more quickly. Receiving multiple tutoring sessions per week will allow for faster learning than a weekly or bi-weekly session.

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Another consideration when answering, “How long does it take for a child to learn Korean?” is how advanced you’d like your child to be in speaking the language. They may pick up on enough Korean to have basic conversations within just a few months, but becoming fluent in the language will require a much longer duration of tutoring sessions. 

There isn’t much available research that specifically assesses how long it takes to learn Korean, but studies with subjects learning English as a second language provide some general information about how long it takes to learn a new language. A study in the journal Language and Education found that English language learners generally spend about a year and a half in the “beginner” stage of learning English, and they become fluent after five to seven years of study. 

What to Expect from an Online Korean Tutor 

The amount of time it takes to learn Korean with an online tutor will depend upon how much time your child can commit to studying, as well as how much mastery you’d like them to achieve with the Korean language. While each individual child’s needs will vary, there are some general things you can expect from online tutoring:

  • Your child’s tutor will meet with them privately, so they can receive individualized attention and lessons that meet their unique needs.
  • The online Korean tutor will work around your schedule and meet with your child at times that are most convenient. 
  • You and your child can work with the tutor to determine how often to meet, what you’d like your child to learn, and how fluent you’d like them to become. 
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One of the benefits of having an online Korean tutor is that learning material can be adjusted as needed. Since there is no specific curriculum or set class schedule, there is room to make modifications as you go along. Regardless of your child’s specific needs or situation, you can be certain they will benefit from an online Korean tutor, so long as your family has internet access and a reliable computer or tablet. 

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