The 5 Best Free Android Gallery Apps for Android

Considering the design perspective, almost all gallery apps are the same. But from multiple perspectives, these are different as well. For example, Quickpic APK and Google Gallery, both have almost the same user interface. But Quickpick is enriched with some decent features that almost every user would love to have on their phones.

You will find the ocean of smartphone gallery apps floating around you. Most of these are free to use, but some apps require payments to enjoy. In the case of premium apps, most of these are enriched with decent hand handy features that you are allowed to enjoy at an affordable price. But whenever you decide to install the free gallery apps on your phone, you definitely will face some issues.

But I will provide you 5 best free gallery apps, that are going to blow your mind! But before diving into that, let me tell you something interesting.

How to Choose Best Gallery Apps?

As I said before, in the case of using free gallery apps, you will definitely face some inconvenience. It’s okay to choose one particular random gallery app while you are visiting the Google Play Store at first sight. But before installing it, I suggest you check the following criteria that the app can meet. 

  • No annoying advertisements will be shown while using
  • The app should not take any unnecessary permissions
  • The app should be lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Super responsive and smooth
  • Handy features

I know, to get all the things in a free gallery app is near to impossible, as you are not willing to pay a single penny. I tried to make a “Top 10 Free Gallery APPlist. But I had to be compelled to make it “Top 5”. I believe these apps are going to improve your user experience for sure.

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What are The 5 Best Free Gallery APPs?

Before mentioning the names, I want to tell you something more regarding this. The list I have made considering my own preference that can meet the criteria that I have mentioned above. It very normal that all the apps can’t fit with your use case properly. So select the appropriate one that can meet your daily demand.

Ok, enough talk! Before further I do, let’s get started!

Quickpic APK

  1. Quickpic APK

Though the latest version of this app got low ratings on the Google Play Store, the old version of this app is still popular among android users. Considering its extensive features and user-friendliness, I have put the app in the number one position. Let’s have a look at what exciting are you going to get if you install this app.


  • Capable of playing both image and video files
  • CM cloud facility for online backup
  • File transferring facility via Wi-Fi network
  • Image/folder hiding functionality\
  • Quick editing option
  • Fast and lightweight and many more

Important Note: As I mentioned before, don’t download the latest version of this gallery app. That version is terrible! If you want the old version, you can download Quickpic APK from here.

  1. Gallery:

Yes, the name of this app is that simple, “Gallery”. But when you will search with this keyword on the Google Play Store, they will show tons of gallery apps with the same name. Don’t get confused, just install the first app from the search result (avoid the promoted results!). If you install the right app, you will be allowed to enjoy the following features.


How to Choose Best Gallery Apps
How to Choose Best Gallery App
  • Secrete folder to put photos
  • Selfie camera photo album gallery
  • Background customization
  • Supports almost all kinds of video formats
  • Enhanced photo filters
  • Neat and clean looking user interface
  • Super fast and responsive
  1. AI Gallery

There are very few android apps available on the Google Play Store, that are entirely free to use, and at the same time, these are AI-based. AI gallery is one of these applications by using what you are allowed to feel the real taste of AI. The key feature of this app is, it can detect the type of photos and rearrange these according to that. 

For example, if you take random photos of your pets and the desserts that you put in your refrigerator, the AI gallery will put all the photos of your pet in the Animal folder. And the photos of desserts will be sent to the folder named Dessert. Cool right?

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  • Super efficient album classification
  • Instant photo editing functionality
  • Duplicate photo identifier
  • Low-quality image detection and cleaning functionality
  • Dark mode
  • AI-based photo compressing technology (without sacrificing image quality)
  • Photo collaging option
  • Almost all the image and video formats are supported
  • It can allow the user to play videos with external players
  1. Samsung Gallery

This app comes with all Samsung devices by default. And on the other hand, It gained extensive popularity among its users by providing decent services and extensive support. People who don’t use Samsung devices, may not find the app directly on the Google Play Store. But for all the devices it doesn’t happen. But if you can’t find this on the play store, you have to download it manually from the web. As you have to do for Quickpic APK.


  • Support both Video and Audio files
  • Samsung cloud to backup photos
  • Enhance photo security
  • Fewer permissions are required
  • The full view scrolling feature
  • Separate option for video files
  • Recycle bin feature
  • File hiding/unhiding feature
  1. F-Stop

There are many people who are not big fans of fancy feature enriched gallery APP. Instead, they prefer a gallery app with simple and straightforward features, that is handy to use. F-Stop is such kind of gallery app that can make your daily life a little bit easier. Both premium and free versions are available. But if your use the free version, you don’t have to tolerate any annoying advertisements.


  • Supports Android 8.0 and upper versions
  • Capable of making custom short images using drag and drop
  • Read the metadata from all the image files
  • Explorer view folder structure
  • Capable of playing animated GIFs

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Wrapping UP:

In the ending line, I want to say, obviously these are not the ultimate 5 gallery apps available on the internet. Quickpic APK holds some decent features, but obviously, that is not the ultimate gallery app as well. Instead, these are the 5 best android gallery apps that are extensively used by millions of users. So find the one, which is convenient for you to use as your daily driver.