The history of Olympic Football

Nobody can doubt that the FIFA World Cup is the most important football competition in the entire world. The website can be used to wager on all its matches when this championship takes place.


The first edition of the FIFA World Cup was celebrated in 1930. However, professional football at a national squad level has been played for decades before. For this reason, before the World Cup, and between the years 1900 and 1928, the most important football tournament was the Olympic one. This football competition is also available for wagering through the 1xBet online bookmaker.

First tournaments

The first Olympic Games were celebrated in 1896. However, international football was in its early beginnings at the time. For this reason, it was not included in that edition of the game. However, the discipline was mature enough to be considered for the 1900 games. In addition to the Olympics, punters can also watch today kabaddi match live score on the 1xBet online bookmaker.


However, in both 1900 and 1904, Olympic football was attended by squads that were not properly established. For this reason, FIFA doesn’t recognize the results obtained there as official ones.


The first edition of the Olympic Games whose football matches were officially endorsed by FIFA were the 1908 ones. These were the first games with proper national squads. The team from Great Britain won this competition, becoming a dominating force for the next few years. Currently, it is also possible to watch today kabaddi and football matches and their live scores through the 1xBet betting platform.


Other teams start to emerge

After Great Britain defeated Denmark in both the 1908 and the 1912 Olympic finals, in 1920 things started to change. Slowly other teams started to show that they were also squads that were capable of winning titles by defeating the most powerful squads. The most complete IPL live score 2022 today watch online at 1xBet site, which can also be used to see what happens in the Olympics.


Some of the powerful teams that started to emerge during the 1910s and 1920s were:


  • Belgium;
  • Uruguay;
  • and Argentina.


In fact, Belgium and Uruguay won the 1920 and 1924 games respectively, while Argentina also obtained good results in both Olympics. It is possible to watch online at the 1xBet site the 2022 IPL live scores today, which can also be featured to follow other sports championships.


Curiously, there was no Olympic football in the 1932 games. This was because FIFA at the time was introducing the World Cup, whose first edition took place in 1930 and another edition was planned for 1934. For this reason, the entity didn’t want Olympic football to compete with their brand-new tournament.