The most beautiful vacation spots that attract the rich every year

A vacation trip is a common vacation option for any modern person. Some prefer to head south, while others prefer mountain or forest tourism. At the same time, there are many resorts that, due to their high cost, remain simply inaccessible to most mortals. At the same time, a certain status and a multi-million dollar bank account allow you to go to these amazing corners of the planet, which we will tell you about in more detail.

Saint Barthélemy resort


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This corner in the Caribbean is notable for its incredible beauty, which attracts the attention of tourists with tightly packed wallets. The island is located 15 miles from St. Maarten, and the first truly wealthy property owner on the island was David Rockefeller. He sent a signal to other millionaires who began to buy up local land and build their own villas on it. This is how the island acquired its status among the richest people on the planet. Today Rudolf Nureyev and Roman Abramovich have their own villas here.

It will take $ 90 million to buy 70 acres of land on the island. At the same time, such a site will be located:

  • tennis courts;
  • swimming pools;
  • dining pavilions;
  • terraces;
  • dance floors.

Unlike many other resorts for the wealthy, Saint Barthélemy remains open to ordinary people, although, over the decades since David Rockefeller bought a home, vacation here has increased in value many times over. The beaches remain municipal, so all vacationers have access to them. On such a beach, you can visit live casino games online, as this only requires an Internet connection. Players need to go through a short registration and replenish the deposit in any convenient way to immediately make their first bet on popular machines.

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Costa Smeralda resort

The Italian resort got the name “Emerald Coast” not by chance. Many people may mistakenly think that the most expensive is real estate in the center of London, Paris, or Rome, but in reality the Costa Smeralda is the most expensive place in the Old World. Here you can constantly meet celebrities or just incredibly rich people. During the first half of the last century, the place remained very beautiful but practically unknown.

The situation changed in 1961, when Aga Khan IV, an Arab prince, who fell in love with a local beauty, stayed here. Since the resort was unknown to anyone, the Arab rich man managed to purchase this plot of land from the government of Sardinia for a symbolic value of $ 25,000. In the future, modern roads, dozens of piers, and an airport will be built here, which made the cost of a villa on this beach fabulous. Just a couple of years ago, Costa Smeralda was acquired by the Emir of Qatar for an amount of $ 700 million, so there is no doubt about the further development of the resort for the rich.

Villa Singita Serengeti

For an elite vacation, it is not at all necessary to stay in Europe or go to the islands of the Caribbean. More exotic will be a vacation in Tanzania, where the famous Mount Kilimanjaro and the equally famous Serengeti Reserve are located. In the middle of it, there is a unique villa Singita Serengeti. This villa can be rented for the most unforgettable African voyage. The house has no analogs in the world. Guests have the opportunity to explore one of the most diverse natural ecosystems in the world. The villa is located in a picturesque part of the reserve, where amazing views open up.

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Cabo San Lucas Resort

Mexican resorts are becoming more and more popular today and this trend can also be traced among the wealthy. Cabo San Lucas is located in the southern part of the California Peninsula. The homes of the richest people on the planet are located here, which is facilitated by excellent weather, amazing nature, as well as a variety of beach holidays. On the territory of the resort, each visitor can find entertainment that meets his preferences. It can be playing golf, water sports, or going out to the open ocean on a yacht. Cape has also become a popular destination for wealthy U.S. entrepreneurs who are attracted to the local nightlife.

Hamilton Island

Speaking of expensive resorts, it is difficult not to pay attention to Hamilton Island, located not far from the Australian continent. The island is not only distinguished by its well-groomed beaches and luxury hotels, but also by the migration of whales that take place off its shores, which is an unforgettable sight.