Thelma Riley

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Thelma Riley is an English teacher who rose to prominence in the wake of wedding rock Icon, Ozzy Osbourne. He is a vocalist, lyricist, entertainer, and TV character from England. Ozzy was a key member of the well-known band Black Sabbath, whose albums sold in excess of 100 million copies.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Ex-Girlfriend

Thelma Riley married English singer Ozzy Osbourne in 1971, the same year they met. The ex-couple met at Rum Sprinter, a dance club where she worked, which is also in her old neighborhood in Birmingham. Following their unexpected meeting, they began dating for a few months before marrying.

For two or three years, Thelma had a decent relationship with Ozzy, but things began to fall apart after the previous Black Sabbath vocalist began using drugs and even undermined Thelma a few times.

In any case, after a few years of marriage, their marriage began to crumble. Furthermore, her children admitted that her father was abusive to her mother. When things began to cross the line, she decided to part ways with the artist. The ex-couple was discovered in 1982. It was at this point that Thelma began to stand out enough to be noticed. In addition, shortly after their separation, her significant other married his boss Sharon Arden.

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Caption: Thelma Riley
Caption: Thelma Riley (Photo: biographygist)

In the end, Thelma began to receive sympathy from the general public after her significant other admitted to having made an unsuitable decision to marry the instructor in the 2011 narrative film ‘God Bless Ozzy Osbourne.’ Thelma is currently out of the spotlight and living with her children. She has one more child from her previous marriage, who lives nearby.

Three kids

Thelma has three children from her two relationships. She has a child named Elliot Kingsley from her first marriage to an unknown person. He was born in the United States in 1966 and has an American identity. Riley then welcomed her first child with Ozzy, a girl named Jessica Osbourne, on January 20, 1972. Jessica is now married to Ben Hobbs and has three kids, making Thelma a grandmother.

Similarly, in 1975, Thelma gave birth to another child, Louis Osbournes. He is well-known for his appearance in an unscripted TV drama about his family. He is married to Louise Osbourne and has two kids.

Grandmother of five grandchildren

Despite the fact that Thelma did not have a wonderful conjugal life, she was fortunate to have a favorable life in terms of children. She is now the grandmother of five children from her marriage to Ozzy Osbourne. Jessica and Louis had four kids from their separate relationships with Ben Hobbs and Louise Osbourne.

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Caption: Thelma Riley
Caption: Thelma Riley (Photo: legecy)

Thelma is the grandmother of five grandchildren: Harry Hobbs, Isabelle Hobbs, and Kitty Hobbs. Louis and his better half Louise were destined for Elijah and Maia Osbourne.

Millions of Net Worth

Thelma has accumulated assets totaling $600,000 as a result of her career as an educator. Despite the fact that her exact compensation data isn’t available, she could be earning around $40,000 per year. According to Glass Door, a British educator earns around £31,644 per year, while an instructor earns $21,000 as a low salary and $47,000 as a high salary. For the time being, she lives a normal life with her family.

In addition, her ex-husband, Ozzy, has a fortune of $220 million from his work as an artist and performer. Visits and sales from the collection generate the majority of his revenue. Ozzy made around $150 million from record deals for 100 million singles and a collection spanning the years 1868 to 2014. In addition, he received $20 thousand from MTV for each scene of his family show “The Osbournes” in his previous career, which later increased to $5 million for each scene. Ozzy made $50 million from the four seasons of the show.

He previously lived in a $10 million house, which he sold after the wedding of his current spouse Sharon. He currently resides with Sharon in a multimillion-dollar home on the Los Angeles slopes. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about Thelma’s ex, you can watch The Dirt, a Netflix account film about Ozzy’s life starring Anthony Cavalero.

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