Things to Consider when Shopping for Men’s Socks

Socks (or “hose,” as some of the more upscale manufacturers still refer to them) sprang from a practical requirement. Human feet sweat profusely, and a layer of fabric, hair or hide on top of them absorbs the moisture and draws it out into the air, where it may evaporate.

Shopping for Men’s Socks

Because excessive perspiration can harm more costly outer footwear, socks are used to extend the life of our shoes. When people first started putting animal skins around their feet in bundles, this was the purpose, and it’s still a practical factor today.

The ability to dress elegantly is an evident aspect of having a nice personality. Knowing how to dress properly is a gratifying experience in and of itself. Similarly, selecting the appropriate clothes accessories is critical. Men’s socks are one of those items that, no matter how well-dressed you are, can make or destroy your entire ensemble.

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  • Sock Wicking – Socks should “wick” moisture away from the foot and toward the sock’s external surface, as mentioned above.
  • Sock Padding – The sock should cushion the foot as it hits the ground and keeps the skin from rubbing against the inside of the shoes.
  • Appropriate Sock Color — For a long time, the standard dress sock has been black, but the clever dresser has various possibilities.

Colour of Socks

Forget about suburban dads’ conventional wisdom. Although black is an acceptable color for dress socks, it isn’t the default option. Depending on how much contrast they want in their look, savvy dressers have a variety of possibilities.

When in doubt, match the color of the sock to the colour of the trouser leg, according to the most basic, safe, grain-of-salt guideline for socks. That indicates you should wear charcoal grey socks with charcoal grey pants. Light grey socks, light grey trousers. Khakis, well, you get the picture — pair those puppies with some light tan socks.

Size of Socks

Socks, as you may recall, are frequently referred to as hose or hosiery. That derives from a time when showing flesh was not only unattractive but also scandalous. Tastes have softened somewhat, but not to the point where anyone wants to see a scraggly, hair-covered ankle protruding between the top of the sock and the cuff of the pants.

For business attire and other high-formality occasions, a nice sock should go at least halfway up the calf. If you find it comfortable, go all the way to the bottom border of the knee, but at the very least, go halfway up the calf.

Material for Socks

Last but not least, the material used to make the sock has a significant influence on its performance. Cotton is absorbent on its own, which is useful for absorbing perspiration from the skin, but it does not wick moisture to its surface or enables moisture to escape fast. This makes it ideal for brief bursts of intense sweating, such as a rapid aerobic workout, but troublesome for extended usage. 

Dimensions and Fit

Last but not least, the sock’s fit on foot, not merely its height on the leg, should be taken into account. The majority of socks are not sized the same as shoes.

Although brands differ, an off-the-rack “Medium” sock will typically fit up to a size 12 in American shoe sizes. Men who are that size or larger should get a “Large,” or if feasible, a “Big and Tall” for men who have long or broad feet.

Anyone who calls themselves a sock aficionado, sock-issuer, or sock-ologist will tell you that the material used to make wonderful socks is crucial. What goes into a pair of socks depends on the occasion and the role they’re supposed to do.

Cotton is used in a lot of socks, but it’s not advised for sports since it absorbs perspiration and dries slowly, which can create damp skin and blisters on lengthy hikes or marathon runs. Nylon or other synthetic fabrics are used to offer elasticity and assist socks to keep their form, especially in athletic socks. Some performance socks contain merino wool, which keeps your feet dry and pleasant in a wide variety of temperatures.


The appropriate sock height is determined by your own tastes, style, and footwear. No-show socks, like ankle-cut sports socks, aren’t a good match for hiking boots or formal shoes. If you dislike having your ankles covered or feel cold without them, sock height will be a key decision for you.

Some socks come in a range of heights, while others, such as dress socks, are more uniform (ankle-cut dress socks don’t exist). Socks with no visible seams are generally worn with loafers or sneakers. Crew socks are taller socks that generally hits just below the calf muscle. Ankle socks strike at the ankle.


Snapdeal caters to your entire family’s buying needs. Football socks from companies like Adidas and Reebok are a wonderful choice for individuals who enjoy sports, particularly soccer. Loafer socks and ankle socks are offered for people who want to dress casually. Socks are appropriate for a variety of circumstances.

Cotton socks will make you feel more at ease in the heat. Long socks are available for women to purchase and use with a variety of outfits. Snapdeal also sells a variety of brightly colored children’s socks. Socks get soiled quickly, so having several pairs in your closet is a good idea. This keeps your feet clean and your shoes sanitary.

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