Tips for Better Online Bingo Profit 2022

Bingo is a lottery type of game and just like other lottery games large sums can be won with small wagers, however, the chances of winning are slim. That being said, certain things can help improve your odds. In this article, we are going to discuss some bingo tips with Canadian iGaming expert Kevin N. Cochran.

Choose the right bingo site

The most important thing is selecting a good bingo site. Not all casino sites are the same and some have been proven sketchy. When you are looking for online bingo Canada real money, make sure you pick a site that has a gambling license from a reputable licensing body such as the UK Gambling Commission, MGA, or the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. If you play at a reputable casino, you’ll have no problems cashing out if you win that bingo game.

Pick the right time to play

Your chances at online bingo win real money depends on how many other people are playing and how many cards they bought. For example, if there are 10 people playing and everybody bought just 1 card, you have a 1 to 10 chance of winning. The busiest times for bingo are the weekends and the weekday afternoons so you should play at off-peak times such as the morning or late evenings. This page.

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On the other hand, normally the more cards are sold the higher the pot amount. So more money is to be won but you’ll have fewer chances of winning.

Buy several bingo cards

The more bingo cards you buy, the higher your chances of winning will be. If you buy 5 bingo cards instead of one, your chances of winning are 5 times higher – it works the same way as buying tombola tickets for a raffle.


In traditional bingo halls, holding more than 3-4 cards may present a problem. If you can’t keep up with the speed you may miss a winning card. However, online bingo auto-daub does the work for you so depending on the site you may be able to play with 10 or even 15 cards.

Pick a game with a progressive jackpot

There are several types of bingo games, and some come with progressive jackpots. The jackpot amount depends on whether it is a standalone, local, or network jackpot.

Standalone jackpots are usually worth a few hundred dollars and the jackpot amount is funded by ticket sales on a single casino site for that particular game.

Local jackpots are shared by several games at the same casino site, so funding comes from multiple bingo rooms. The jackpot sum will be rising as people purchase bingo cards but, of course, they will be much harder to win.

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Network jackpots can reach tens of thousands of dollars in value as the jackpot is linked to several casinos’ multiple bingo games. If you play a network progressive bingo game, you can maximize your potential online bingo profit.


The rules of winning the jackpot can vary but generally, you’ll need to call a full house to win. You may win only part of the jackpot and the rest will be shared among other winners. Still, playing bingo games that are connected to a progressive jackpot is a good idea.

Don’t chase losses

Just like with any other casino game, we advise you not to chase losses. If you are on a losing streak it is better to stop playing and come back another day. While you can’t lose your money with bingo as quickly as with slots or blackjack, you can certainly do damage to your bankroll if you are not in control of your gambling.

Look for bingo bonuses

A great way of increasing your bankroll is to take advantage of casino bonuses. Casino sites that offer bingo, often have bonuses available that can be used to enter bingo games. There is no harm in grabbing every opportunity you have to boost your player balance so get those bonuses!

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Bingo is a game of chance and there is no strategy that will guarantee a win. However, picking the right game at the right time and getting multiple cards can improve your chances of winning.