Tips to Enhance the Employee Onboarding Experience

With lots of talent coming through the ranks, organizations are always on the hunt to bring the best talent into their workforce. But, hiring talented professionals is not the only job. According to a research study, over 45% of people are looking for a new job all the time and businesses are experiencing a high turnover rate. To everyone’s surprise, employees are leaving their jobs after six to eight months of joining. So, upping your onboarding game and providing training to them is very crucial.


Before we get to know more about onboarding, let’s find out what is onboarding and why you need to provide a great onboarding experience. Onboarding is the process of integrating the new hires into your organization. It helps them to acclimate to their role, team and company culture, etc. The primary aim of providing a positive onboarding experience is to give a great first impression on the organization. Thus, in this article, we have listed the best employee onboarding practices that you can implement for your employees.


1)Involve the stakeholders:

Involve all the leaders and managers from all departments so that it helps your new hires to build a perspective on each department. If they find out how each department functions, it helps to gain clarity on their work. Work with each department’s head to figure out what the new hires need to know about that particular department. Leaders from every department should be given a brief on what we expected of them so that they fit in the flow.

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2)Emphasize on organization’s values and culture:

Building trust with the new hires is very important during the initial onboarding process. The employees must have a reason which makes them believe that they have chosen the right company. The HR department should focus on highlighting the company’s culture, values, and mission which motivates the employees to be part of the organization and perform well. The other focus should be on the compliance policies and other benefits. Relationship building is also a key factor in onboarding. Introduce all the team members to your new hires and make them feel comfortable.


3)Automate whatever you can:

To train your new hires, you might need to use tools like learning management systems which help create, manage and deliver your training effectively. These tools can automate most of the tasks that HR professionals do otherwise in an offline training setup. You can add recorded video sessions, quizzes, assignments, and much more. You get lots of data on employee performances so that you can make necessary changes to the content if needed.


You can also automate all the paperwork and policy education with onboarding software. It makes life easy for both your new hires and the HR department. Imagine filling out the forms and submitting the documents for the first few days of your job; this can be frustrating and demotivating to your employees.

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4)Assign them a mentor:

The first few months of a new job can be a little overwhelming and exciting at the same time. It’s a good idea to let the employees fail and learn by themselves, but assigning a mentor to them will help in many ways. Mentors can guide them on how to perform well and share all their experiences in their career which will be very helpful to new wires. Using communication tools like Slack Or Microsoft Teams to keep your employees connected is also a good idea.


5)Be open to feedback:

Gather feedback from your new hires, hiring managers, and all the other people involved directly or indirectly in the onboarding process. Find out what went well according to them and what needs improvement. Your new hires might be a little skeptical to let out their thoughts, in such cases, you can conduct anonymous surveys which helps to get an honest opinion from them.



Your onboarding process needs proper research and planning on how to offer a great onboarding experience to your new hires. Remember that onboarding experience plays a key role in making that first impression in your new hire’s mind. Not only that, good onboarding makes them productive and satisfied too.

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