Top 10 Things to Do in Vail in Season 2021-2022

Skiing in the snow has become a recently popular adventure for many! As the winter season is approaching, skiing is growing in demand. The sport requires using the two-foot base to glide over the snow. It is a fun sport, and even the children enjoy it well! Did you know that skiing downhill can burn as much as 300-600 calories per hour? Fun plus fitness, who doesn’t want it all? The ski season is approaching, and many people are in search of a perfect location for skiing. There are many ski locations in Colorado. As the state is located in the alpine region of the United State it is covered with snow in the winter season.

For skiing, we need snow-covered mountains or slopes. This snow can either be natural or artificial depending on the region. Snow-covered regions are usually preferred since they provide a perfect cool environment for skiing. So, here we present to you the perfect snow-covered skiing region- Vail. Vail is located in Colorado and has perfect scenic views to please the snow lovers! Vail symbolizes Austria as it has a giant clock tower and beautiful gardens with flowers, greenery, and much more! With beautiful scenery along with the added fun of skiing, Vail makes a perfect summer destination for you.

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How far is Denver from Vail?

The distance from Vail to Denver is about 60 miles [100 km] away. Try their shuttle service via the Colorado Mountain Express from Denver International Airport. There is Denver to vail car service as well. And if you want to experience luxury, then viola! There is a Limo service as well. Moreover, Vail and Aspen are about 60 miles [100 km] apart.

  1. Hiking

Did you know that Vail offers so much more than just skiing? Well to surprise you, even more, Vail has a hiking spot also. You can drive to Eagles Nest or Holy Cross for witnessing the mesmerizing wilderness. You can also try Denver Limousine service. So, what else would be great than hiking with a natural view?

  1. Visiting Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Former President Gerald Ford and his wife Betty Ford were obsessed with Vail’s mesmerizing location of Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. You can visit this alpine garden and witness the beauty of nature closely!

  1. Beaver Creek Resort

Beaver Creek resort is merely 13 miles away from Avon Colorado. You’d be amazed to know, since its inauguration in 1980 Beaver Creek has gained a reputation for being the first ski resort.

  1. Spa

Want to relax after all that skiing? Well, Vail has something for that also! Chill at their beautiful spas as they hit different heights.

  1. Majestic dinner in the cabin
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Want to try something different? Then Vail has a perfect dinner set up for you as you can fine dine at the skiing slope!

  1. Vail Village

If you are wondering what to do at Vail while you’re travelling companions are hitting the slopes, spend a day wandering around the iconic village of Vail Village and neighboring Lionshead Village.

  1. Snowshoeing

This list is incomplete without the traditional practice of snowshoeing. Come experience Vail’s majestic wildlife and scenery.

  1. Try beer

How can you go from Vail without trying their breweries? Colorado is home to the world’s finest crafted beer, so try it. You can also try Denver Limousine service.

  1. Minturn

You can visit Minturn which is close to Vail. Have a break from Vail’s happening area and experience Minturn’s deep yet historic background.

  1. Snow tubing

Vail’s snow tubing and adventure park are perfectly suitable for your family. Enjoy nature’s scenic view with wildlife.