Top 4 Extraordinary Tips for Creating and Sharing Witty Marketing Memes

There are various reasons for marketers to love memes. Memes are defined as the culture of information that can be transferred from one person to another. In simple words, memes are pictures that are created by using familiar images with witty messages.

Not only memes are easy to create, but also humorous so that they can earn thousands of visual shares on social media platforms. In the modern era where billions of content are uploaded on social media platforms daily, using viral ready and funny memes is one of the greatest ways to stand apart from the crowd. Visual content receives faster and better engagement than any other strategy. Besides, using humor in your marketing strategies is beneficial for your company.

If leveraged correctly, memes will become the best marketing weapon for your business. Additionally, when you leverage the benefits of humor, your message will carry more weight. Memejacking, the process of using a popular image and adding your message will help you to overtake your competitors on social media platforms.

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 tips for creating and sharing humorous marketing memes.

Know Your Audience Base Carefully

This is one of the most important tips for creating and sharing memes for your business. Understanding the preferences and other analytics of your audience is extremely important. An irrelevant and offensive meme will not only make your audience angry but also affect the image of your business. Hence, you need to consider the persona of your buyers before uploading a meme. Notice the content as well as the media your audience consumes. Then choose a great meme from Meme Scout to draw their interests to the humor.

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Do Some Background Research

Background research is another important factor. Do you know the source of the meme that you’re using or uploading on social media platforms? Just because the meme of the image is getting a high level of engagement rate doesn’t mean that it’s relevant for your Facebook business page. A little background research regarding the origin of the meme will save your business from potential embarrassment on social media channels. Even though there’s no proof of business leveraging the wrong meme, but it’s still better to play on the safe side. As per SCMP, memes enhance the emotions of people.

Honor the Meme

Honoring the meme is extremely important for the marketing strategies of your business. Unless you want to establish yourself as a fail memejacker, make sure you understand the core and original meaning of the memes. No matter how humorous or clever text you use, if the meme breaks the pattern of your brand image, you won’t be able to make the meme viral.

Pick a Trending Meme Topic

Don’t ever underestimate the power of trending or fresh memes. If you overlay your brand’s message with an image that is gaining momentum on social media platforms, your chances of going viral will become much higher. And if you cannot find the trending memes, consider using Reddit as it’s the best place for finding viral-ready memes. This is because memes appear on Reddit first than any other social media platform.

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Now that you know the best tips for creating and sharing humorous marketing memes of your business, you should leverage the benefits of this great visual content. Remember that memes can make or break your business. Hence, be careful while using them.