CCNP is considered as the most popular and renown Cisco certification. This is the reason why most of the people are getting interested in its information. That’s why we have made an article about its information. Here you will know about all the things related to CCNP encor 350-401. So lets start this description.

CCNP encor:


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The course of CCNP covers everything related to whole range of protocols and multiple techniques on Cisco switches and routes. 

Course of CCNP:

The course of CCNP relates to 

  • VLAN’s and trunks
  • There would be different spanning tree versions such as MTP, STP, RSTP.
  • How you can configure link aggregation and ether-channels
  • Different routing protocols such as OSPF, BGP and EIGRP.
  • Wireless Cisco
  • Multi casting protocols such as sparse, PIM dense and sparse dense mode.
  • Network architectures and designs such as designs of campus and leaf spine architecture.
  • How you may configure redundancy protocols and NAT/PAT such as VRRP,HSRP and GLBP.
  • Configuration of quality services
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring of network
  • Securing switches and routers
  • Impact of network automation on traditional network management 
  • Multiple virtualisation technologies
  • And many more topics related to these domains
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For doing this course you must have a basic understanding of concepts related to CCNA.

CCNP worth:

Its really worth of doing as everyone is getting into the competition of getting higher degree. The degree where you need to show huge dedication and then you can get a good job with highest paid salary. Yes but it’s a bit difficult but you can put efforts on it and then its worth of investing money and time in it. 

CCNP encor exam:

The 350-401 CCP encor exam is of almost 120 minutes which tests your abilities and capabilities related to core enterprise networking of implementation on different technologies. It does not requires any formal eligibility requirements. But it is recommended that you must know about the networking conflicts and solutions. SPOTO CCNP encor practice examYou will get 3 years to pass this exam on your own. After focusing on its concentration exam, you can get the CCNP enterprise.

Now if we talk about the topics of CCNP 350-401 encor exams then here is detail of these topics;

  • Architecture 15%
  • Virtualisation 10%
  • Infrastructure 30%
  • Network assurance 10%
  • Security 20%
  • Automation 10%

You can find the detail of these courses and their questions in their official websites. All these courses and content can really help you out with the understanding of CCNP 350-401 encor. 

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CCNP core exam options:

When you have completed a basic exam then you have the option of choosing six further categories in its domain. The exam which you will choose to give, would decide your area of speciality. Come, lets see a look of these exams.

  • Layer 3
  • VPN services
  • Infrastructure services 
  • Infrastructure security
  • Infrastructure automation 

All these exams will check and analyze your knowledge on the below topics:

  • Multicast 
  • Quality of service
  • Edge route deployment 
  • Controller deployment 
  • SD WAN architecture 
  • Policies
  • Management and operations

Moreover the test related to enterprise testing would be having the following topics:

  • Advanced routing and addressing solutions
  • WAN
  • Network services
  • Security services
  • SDA
  • Advanced enterprise campus  networks

Hence this core exam will test your skills related to pro IT and you need to lead in it otherwise you are not going to get passed in these exams. 

Final thoughts:

CCNP 350-401 encor has modernized the content of networking services and issues useful content. Although this certification is new, challenging and some how difficult but its really worth of doing. The CCNP professionalists can give their career a boost by doing this amazing certification. Good luck for your career.