What is the importance of intelligence wings in indian defence forces?

The Indian defence forces are venerated with the title of ‘Hero’. They have efficiently deterred every enemy attack and internal insurrections. There is no doubt that they always effectively protect the frontiers of the nation. Dedication, valour, discipline are some of the qualities engrained in every soldier of the defence forces. These elite forces of India have always acted as a protective shield over millions of people. In return for their selfless services, the whole nation bows with a sense of gratitude and pays them huge respect and honor. With approximately 1.4 active troops, the armed forces of India are regarded as the largest volunteer force in the world.


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The Defence forces of India are counted among the strongest and gallant forces of the world. Besides being the strongest, they also need support and assistance. The Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) helps the Indian Defence forces in coordinating with military intelligence. These intelligence agencies were incepted in March 2002 and regulated by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). 

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Here is the role and importance of Defence Intelligence Agency for Indian defence forces:

  • Research analysis

The intelligence agencies perform various research analyses that help the personnel of the Indian Defence force in neutralising the enemy. As intelligence experts have access to information available from public sources. These analysts provide every updated information regarding the enemy and search for the weapons to be used by them. Their help and guidance alerts the Indian Defence personnel before the attack. The research specialists are required to keep the information confidential and keep it for the use of Indian Defence forces only. 

  • Assistance to military operations

The Indian defence forces not only combat enemy on the battlefield, but also conduct various operations for the betterment of the nation. The Defence Intelligence agencies have rendered their valuable assistance by providing smart techniques to conduct many rescue operations in the country. Additionally, they also help defence forces in planning their structure while executing any important mission. They have conducted various anti-terror operations to safeguard the nation.

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  • Covert operations

The intelligence agencies also perform covert operations to protect India’s national interest. Some of the covert operations are:

  • Operation Randori Behak
  • Operation Sahyog.
  • Operation Calm down.
  • Operation white wash
  • Operation Maitri etc.

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  • Regulate the supply of military hardware

The intelligence wings also regulate the supply of military hardware in India. During The Sino-India war, they took special care of the supply of military hardware to countries like Pakistan. It also controlled the purchase of military weapons from America and other European nations, majorly from China. From here, we can deduce that without the help of these intelligence agencies it is difficult to deter any enemy attack. 

  • Collect relevant information

The intelligence agencies collect all the relevant information related to the foreign people, places and events that is required by the government of India. This involves many complexities such as visiting various public places and collecting data from public sources. They collect the information to detect any threat for the nation. Many times the intelligence agents have to conceal their personality in order to fetch the most relevant information that can serve great help to the Indian defence forces. 

  • Support for defence planning

The Defence Intelligence Agency lends helping hand by giving valuable suggestions for defence planning. They analyze the capabilities of the defence personnel and help them form their structure. Additionally, they provide necessary information to assist various military research and development activities. These intelligence agencies also provide information regarding foreign military and their tactics. 

There are three main categories of the Indian Defence forces: The Indian Navy, Indian Air forces, Indian Army. Are you aiming to join the Indian army? If yes, prepare for the CDS exam. You can choose to link with a brilliant institute that offers valuable CDS coaching in Chandigarh for efficacious preparation. 

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The collective efforts of the Indian Defence forces and intelligence agencies have protected the nation from threats. Various roles and responsibilities of the intelligence wings conclude that they also perform a vital role in protecting the peace of the country. Along with these intelligent wings, the Indian Defence forces are supported by paramilitary organisations and Indian Coast Guard. According to the 2020 Global fire report, India has the fourth strongest defence forces

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