What to Do if You Hit a Pedestrian

When you slide into your car every day, you do not plan on hitting a pedestrian. Yet every day, accidents happen. Maybe it’s a pedestrian not paying attention and stepping into the street or it’s a driver who’s distracted and drifts into the roadside. 

What to Do if You Hit a Pedestrian

If you’re involved in a pedestrian accident, don’t panic. Follow these basic steps to avoid more problems if you’re involved in an auto vs. pedestrian accident. 

Don’t Drive Away From a Pedestrian Accident

Your first instincts will tell you to flee from a pedestrian-car accident. You’re going to be scared, and you’ll want to just remove yourself from the situation. 

Don’t listen to your instincts. You’ll certainly face legal repercussions. California law classifies hit-and-run as a misdemeanour with a penalty of up to six months in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000. 

Check On the Pedestrian

Once you’ve pulled your car to the roadside, evaluate yourself to make sure you weren’t injured in the collision. Then get out of the car and check on the pedestrian. Administer emergency aid as much as you’re able to if the pedestrian needs it. 

But you can at least help the pedestrian with basic medical needs. If a wound resulted from the collision, find something to stop the bleeding. Apply even, steady pressure to the wound. 

You want to avoid as much as possible being the driver in fatal pedestrian accidents, so always check on the pedestrian first. This step could save a life. 

Call For Help

Now that you’ve checked on the pedestrian, call 911. Calling for help will ultimately indicate you feel remorse for the accident and are trying to help the pedestrian in any way you can. Should the pedestrian attempt to sue you, you will have more proof on your side that you’re a good person who tried to help. 

Gather Information and Pictures

If the pedestrian is not incapacitated, exchange insurance information. You should share your auto insurance information with the pedestrian, and the pedestrian should share their name with you. 

Take some time to take pictures of the accident scene as quickly as you can as well. You just experienced a traumatic event. Your memory, as a result, will play tricks on you. So once you’ve made sure the pedestrian is alright, snap pictures of the scene with your phone. 

Answer Questions

The police will have questions for you. Answer them to the best of your ability. 

If your attorney is not present, do not admit blame for the accident. You’re not fully aware of all the circumstances yet, so do not claim full responsibility. 

Contact Your People

Contact your insurance and your attorney as soon as you can after the accident. 

Your insurance will need the details of the accident. They will most likely send an adjuster if you damaged your car as well as look into the pedestrian accident claims. 

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Take an Auto-Pedestrian Accident Seriously

If you’re involved in a car vs pedestrian accident, take a breath, and follow these basic steps. 

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