Why Cisco 200-301 CCNA Certification Is A Future Proof Exam? How Can It Enhance Your Resume?

What would someone get if they combined their countless years of industry experience with updated skills? Maybe a dream job? Or just a good life. Isn’t that the true definition of a match made in heaven, after all? So, if you value personal progress in life then this article might just be the most befitting option for you. It’s about the details of the 200-301 exam which is tied to the Cisco CCNA certification. Throughout the next paragraphs, you are going to find out the test details, and most importantly, the benefits of this Cisco exam. 

About The Cisco 200-301 Evaluation


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The Cisco 200-301 exam runs for a maximum of 2 hours and is available in English and Japanese versions. It is the only evaluation currently associated with the CCNA certification and is recognized as the Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions exam. At the same time, this test costs at least $300 for every try and will exclusively focus on verifying the knowledge of network fundamentals, network access, security fundamentals, automation and programmability, IP services, and connectivity. 

Getting Ahead In Your Career With The Cisco CCNA Designation

The Cisco CCNA certificate is exactly what a candidate needs to build their long-term careers around IT technologies. That’s because it helps applicants secure new opportunities by verifying their knowledge of Cisco’s solutions and products including software development. What’s more, this designation is intended to prepare candidates for what their future IT careers may hold depending on the specific track they choose. 

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Reasons To Get The CCNA Qualification

It’s no secret that the CCNA and appropriate qualifying exam are the single most important items for enhancing your resume. But what are the actual benefits of getting this certificate? Let’s find out in the next section:

  • Assure your long term career

Recent statistics confirm that the CCNA designation is a critical tool for getting into specialized job roles within the networking field. Currently, a variety of areas such as network engineering, systems engineering, and infrastructure engineering are closely tied to this certification, making it an ideal option to secure your long-term career in the chosen direction. 

  • Lay the foundation for advanced certifications

Passing the 200-301CCNA test means you are well versed with networking concepts at the associate level. Moreover, to put this into perspective, the certificate you’ll gain afterwards will enhance your chances to earn other qualifications of the higher level, such as the CCNP Enterprise, CCIE Enterprise Wireless, and CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. 

  • Stay ahead of the rest

Competition for IT positions is only intensifying with every passing day. And after passing the 200-301 exam and obtaining the CCNA certification, you will add an essential mart on your CV list will definitely beat the competition in your field and help you rise to the challenge. What’s more, once you have decided on your desired position, you will need a tool to help you stay ahead of the rest. And there’s no better option than the CCNA designation. 

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The Bottom Line

So, if you’ve recently felt a strong motivation to transform your career using professional certifications, this is the perfect time to jump on the CCNA qualification path. To do this, you just need to enroll in the Cisco 200-301 CCNA exam and pass it with flying colors thanks to quality preparation. And if you still have doubts, this article helps you understand just how important the acquisition of new skills will be in assuring your long-term career growth.