Why taking care of your Pug at home is so important!

Taking care of your Pug at home is crucial because the consequences of not doing it could have a very high impact on Pugs’ health. Pugs are a small toy-breed that happens to need medium-to-high maintenance. They have loving and playful souls tucked into a small body that’s, well, not the best for them to live in. However, they are one of the best companionship breeds.
Pug care is crucial, and it can save their lives, improve their quality of life while saving you some money as well.
Pugs (and all dogs) need to be taken care of.

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Since Pugs are an engineered breed to be human’s companionship, they are indeed fully dependent on us. Not only that, but also they need constant care because their health is not the best among all of the breeds. Don’t get us wrong, Pugs are healthy, but this depends directly on the amount of care you give them. Every aspect that takes part in a dog’s overall health is even more important for Pugs.
For example, Pugs are sometimes prone to have back issues, which can ultimately lead them to lose mobility of the hind legs. How to avoid this? We should take into account even the tiniest aspect that plays a role in developing back issues. A clear example of this concept is Pug’s nails care.

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Something as simple as nail-care is vital for Pugs! Pug’s nails grow slightly faster than other breeds’ nails. When this fact is paired with not being a very active breed, their nails can grow too much and too fast. Why? Because active dogs grind their nails naturally while running.
Pugs can’t run a lot because of their brachycephalic skull, which can challenge their breathing even more while active. Now, this might seem like a small issue, yet it isn’t. Long nails in dog’s paws have severe effects. They can cause sore paws and toe trauma, which can eventually lead them to change their posture. The long-term damages are back issues. On the other hand, if you cut your Pug’s nails in excess, you can hurt her/his quick. According to seasoned Vets from PugsClub.org it is very important to follow a very easy and proper technique in order to cut your Pug’s nails at home! You can even do this frequently to avoid spending time and money in senseless grooming store and vets visits in case your Pug suffers major health problems as a consequence of not taking action.
See how much you could avoid just by trimming your Pug’s nails at home properly?
Take care of your Pugs at home!

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To avoid a plethora of tiny problems turning into major health concerns, you can just take care of your Pug at home. This is true for all breeds, but it’s more important for Pugs. The more care you provide for your Pug’s at home, you will be also giving him:
• More quality of life.
• Improvedlifeexpectancy.
• More love than you can give by just feeding them humongous amounts of treats!
• In addition, you’ll save time and money(hopefully to get good boys and gals some new toys!)
Ultimately, you need to know that dogs don’t just need love by themselves, but they need the right amount of love translated into care. Because caring about your dogs is the right way to love them. Cheers!