Window Decal Installation – How to Do It Like A Pro

Shop windows are an asset to the business like nothing else. They allow potential customers to get a glimpse of the interior. However, since they are passive, they fail to act as compelling advertisements or instruments of brand building. You can transform your shop windows into attractive advertisements that catch the attention of both pedestrians and motorists and encourage them to pop in. While the decals need to be designed right, it is also vital for them to be installed properly for the best impact. Some essential tips to ensure you can install a window decal like a pro:

Avoid Extremes of Temperature

It is easy to mess up a window decal installation if the temperature is too high or too low. The adhesive will not bond properly when the glass surface is too hot or cold. The ideal temperature range for fixing the decals is 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit; however, a little deviation is acceptable as modern adhesives are technologically advanced enough to take it in their stride. You should also ensure that the lighting is enough for you to see how dirty the glass surface is so that you can clean it appropriately.

Clean the Surface of the Glass Thoroughly 

Do keep in mind that you should never paste window decals on a dusty or grimy window because they will not stick properly and start peeling off soon. The best way of cleaning the window is with a clean cloth using warm soapy water. It is best to avoid commercial glass cleaners as many of them have chemicals that can leave behind residues that prevent the decal from sticking properly. Unless removed with care, bubbles can cause the decal to look unsightly and also result in the decal peeling off before time.

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Use the Right Method of Application

The dry method is great for stickers less than one foot on the larger side because you will generally not need to reposition them. However, fixing large decals can be trickier because it is easy to get the alignment or the position wrong. With the wet method, repositioning the decal is not a problem as the moisture prevents the adhesive from sticking. You can make an application fluid easily by adding a few drops of liquid dish soap to a liter of water. You should spray it on the glass surface before applying the sticker and after ensuring the position and alignment of the sticker is right, squeeze out the excess soapy water with a squeegee, recommends a tutorial in Instructables.


After the excess water has been removed, the decal should be allowed to dry out. It will generally take a couple of hours, after which you can gently remove the tape you have used to hold it in position. The decal sets fully in about 24 hours and will serve you for many years. For longer life, you should get the decal printed with the adhesive on the front so that you can fix it on the glass surface in the interior and keep it protected from the elements and pollution outside.

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