Would a New Pirates of the Caribbean Game be a Perfect Boost to the Film Franchise?

Reports have suggested that after five outings as Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp will be leaving the 14th most successful film franchise of all time. The Pirates of the Caribbean series will be continuing, but it will be moving in a different direction and exploring original stories. It may be tough for Walt Disney Pictures to attract viewers to future offerings without the iconic hero in the fold, but one way to drum up support could be through the release of a new console game.

Franchise to Change Direction

Depp was fired from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise due to circumstances in his personal life, per InsideTheMagic, and, despite the uproar from loyal fans, it appears as though the franchise will be moving on without the Sparrow actor. Although Depp’s beloved character has been a lynchpin for the series to date, this could be a blessing in disguise for the future of the films.


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This is because the writers were forced to write Sparrow into every storyline due to the love that fans had for him. In doing so, they became quite restricted, and it may have stopped them from exploring other ideas. This is because audiences were clamouring to see more of Sparrow and wouldn’t have been satisfied with him taking on a backseat role. Now, without such a well-known and important protagonist, it will give the writers a chance to focus their attention on other characters.

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The problem for the distributors is that Depp’s face has been the primary selling point for the films up to this point and has helped them accumulate more than $4.5 billion at the global box office. Without the 58-year-old leading the line, the marketing team will have to try another tactic in getting people through cinema doors. One way to help with this could be through commissioning the release of a new console game.

Pirate Games are Incredibly Popular

There’s no doubt that a brand-new Pirates of the Caribbean game would attract players. In the world of gaming, pirate offerings are incredibly popular. Not only have there been various titles in the official series in the past, but there are also unrelated swashbuckling games across a wide range of devices.

On mobile, for example, some of the most-loved sword and cannon options include Plunder Pirates and Pirate Kings. There are countless others to choose from as well, and players can easily find something that suits their needs. The same is true in the online casino industry, with pirate games in abundance at sites such as LeoVegas India. This decorated and award-winning casino has been lauded for its gaming selection, which includes titles like Pirates’ Plenty Battle for Golf, Pirate Gold Deluxe, and Pirates Frenzy. Perhaps the reason why pirates are so prevalent in the industry is their association with treasure.  

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There have been a few legendary pirate games throughout history as well, with the Monkey Island series having a massive impact on the genre. The titles from LucasArts featured the inept Guybrush Threepwood as he struggled with his mission to become a notorious pirate. The five titles in the series went down as cult classics and inspired many other games in their wake.

More than 10 Years Since Last Game

There have been Pirates of the Caribbean games in the past, but it has been ten years since the release of an official console game in the series. This was Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game in 2011, which was made for Windows and Xbox 360. You’d have to go back even further to find a title that was directly related to one of the films. This was Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End in 2007, a game from Eurocom that was met with a lukewarm critical response. The title was sufficient as far as games based on films go, but it didn’t have much of a wow factor.

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With such a long hiatus without any new Pirates of the Caribbean games, it feels like the perfect time to release one. With the Xbox Series X starting to attract a greater number of players, a detailed adventure for this device may finally do the film series justice. The graphics of past consoles have failed to display the characters in all their glory, and have not been able to offer players the true immersive experience they need.

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New generation consoles can offer the processing power that games based on movies need, which is why there are a few long-awaited film offerings dropping on the consoles now. For instance, Hogwarts Legacy for the PlayStation 5 appears to finally take players into the wizarding world and provide them with an experience akin to being in one of the pictures. This is what a new Pirates of the Caribbean game would need to achieve as well.

Game Could Draw Attention to New Films

For people who aren’t diehard fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it may feel as though the studio is flogging a dead horse every time it releases a new film. Judging by the critical response of each of the instalments, there is a noticeable decline in the way experts perceive them. The consensus is that the writers tend to go over familiar territory repeatedly, and any new films need a fresh angle.

When the studio decides to steer its rudder into unfamiliar, Sparrow-less territory, it will need to spread onto different platforms in a mass marketing effort. Casual viewers must be informed that the films are going in a new direction to tempt them to come back to the franchise. This could be done through a well-made console title, along with simultaneous game releases on mobile and at online casinos.Depp’s Sparrow will certainly be missed in any upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean films, but it may be the best thing for the progression of the franchise as Screen Rant explore. However, there will need to be a focused marketing push to promote a new instalment, and this could include the introduction of a new and improved console game.

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