How to remove lipstick stains from clothes


Beauty lipsticks are essential to give ladies’ overall look; a finished and polished appearance. After the trilling experience of buying lipsticks online or perhaps in a cosmetic store – from our favorite lipstick brands in India (with eye-catching offers and discounted prices including that of your favorite M.A.C lipstick), a few tips on how to get lipstick stains out of our clothes could be quite necessary.

All shades of colored lipstick have the potency to stain; due to the combination of an oily and waxy component with dye. While lip balms are quite easier to remove – because many of them do not have added colors, lipsticks are not.

Yes, they make our lips look great; but they are certainly not as attractive on clothes – especially a berry color lipstick.

Removing Lipstick Stains from ‘Washable’ Fabrics

If a bit of lipstick – perhaps in your haste to head out, smears the surface of your dress; you shouldn’t attempt rubbing it off immediately. This would only make the stains a lot more difficult to remove, as its components have been pushed deeper into the fabric.

Instead – if there are any fragments on the surface of the dress, you could use an object with a sharp edge; such as a knife or perhaps even your credit card to lift the fragments off.

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The next step would be to remove the oily/waxy component of the lipstick.

You can do this by using a solvent-based stain removal product or a heavy-duty liquid detergent to treat the stain, and work it in subtly by using a soft bristled brush or rubbing it with your fingers.


Let the stain remover work into the fabric for a minimum of fifteen minutes then, wash the garment in warm water of a suitable temperature – in line with the instructions on the care label. After washing, inspect the stained area thoroughly before drying the garment.

  • This should take care of the oily/waxy component.
  • Next up is the removal of the dye component.

This can be achieved by mixing bleach with room temperature water – preferably an oxygen based bleach. Verify the quantity of water to be used, from the manufacturers’ instructions of the bleach.

After this, you submerge the stained garment in the mixture and soak it in for about 7-8 hours then, you check the garment to confirm if the dye stains are gone. If they aren’t, you would have to repeat the bleaching process again.

However if they are, you wash the garment as usual and by the time it dries out – you would be good to go!

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Sadly, the procedure is quite lengthy and time-consuming. As of now, there isn’t any method of getting lipstick stains wiped off at an instant, but you can avoid condemning a nice piece of clothing with these guidelines.


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