How to Roll Back the Toyota Odometer?

Toyota has always been an industry-leading manufacturer in terms of affordable vehicles. The majority of their models are budget-friendly, yet they still offer reliable performance. Be it older releases or newer cars – there’s no doubt they are capable of withstanding quite a bit of abuse. But the quality of the brand doesn’t mean that their vehicles aren’t susceptible to odometer fraud. It’s possible to reverse the mileage on Toyota cars as well. People usually turn to various devices to change the numbers on the trip meter effortlessly. Instead of using the notorious odometer correction tool, you can try out the mileage blocker sold at Let’s continue and explore the differences between these two, compare their performance with Toyota vehicles, and discover the winner!

Which tools can you use to rewind mileage on Toyota?

Odometer correction tool is one of the devices people use, yet sells the ultimate alternative, such as the mileage blocker. Be it performance, purpose, or structure – these two are certainly different from one another.


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The odometer changer is the software that is capable of reprogramming the mileage altogether. It’s a device that enables you to reset existing miles and dial in the desired number. Since it can change the actual mileage of your car, it’s unethical equipment that could cause legal trouble.

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The mileage blocker is different in the sense that it doesn’t mess with existing mileage. It simply stops recording the distance your car travels whenever it’s activated. It was designed to test the performance of your vehicle easily. Therefore, it’s more ethical when it’s used according to its purpose.

What are the advantages of utilizing the mileage blocker?

Even though odometer adjustment tools sound quite promising, they aren’t flawless when it comes to performance. Unlike the mileage blocker from, such devices are usually counter-productive.

The mileage stopper works perfectly with digital odometers

The mileage stopper is a premium module that stops recording the mileage in all control units. This feature is important since the majority of modern Toyota cars come with digital odometers. The performance of the mileage stopper is untraceable even with such vehicles.

Just make sure to use it ethically.

Conversely, the odometer programmer has the access to the digital odometer only. It can’t alter the mileage in the electronic system of your car. In other words, it takes a single diagnostic tester to reveal the discrepancies it causes.

The odometer blocker is tailored to your Toyota

Odometer correction tools are made to fit the majority of the cars we know today. They don’t take into account the specifications of various models, which could be damaging to your vehicle.

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The odometer blocker from is specifically made for various vehicles. You can search the models that were created for different makes of Toyota. That way, you’ll make sure that the device will work properly no matter what.

The kilometer stopper is more ethical

As mentioned, the kilometer stopper from is more ethical as it’s only meant for testing purposes. You shouldn’t use it on public roads to prevent your car from counting miles.


No matter what your reasons may be, it’s unethical to rewind the odometer on your Toyota (or any other vehicle for that matter). The mileage blocker is a better alternative as it lets you make sure your vehicle works perfectly.