Signs That Your Employees Are Not Happy At Their Work

You may have many teams in your organization that are excellent at their work and working with complete harmony, gaining a lot of accomplishment and success for your company and their career. 

Your Employees Are Not Happy At Their Work

But it is up to you to spot the problem and motivate them to turn things around and maintain a healthy & positive environment at your workplace. So here are the signs that you need to look for to check if your employees are not happy before it gets too late to address:

Productivity Loss

When employees are unhappy, they lose their zeal and energy to work. They miss their deadlines, start procrastinating, avoid volunteering for difficult tasks & challenges, and take more time than actually required to complete their work. They start avoiding their work which affects the project timelines and the quality of the work.

Too Many Leaves

When employees lose interest in their job and the company, they start taking fake sick leaves and planned vacations more often. This puts a lot of pressure on other team members. Taking leaves very often may also impact the customer’s strict deadlines.

Not Engaging In Social Activities

Unhappy employees lose their passion for engaging with other colleagues and bond with other team members. They become least interested in participating in social events and activities like annual parties, competitions, festival activities, etc. 

Lack Of New Ideas

Employees who are not happy with their work or the workplace often lack creativity and innovation. They lack making better decisions and fail to provide new ideas and perspectives whenever any challenging situation arises. 

Toxic Attitude

Few unhappy employees can make the entire team and surroundings toxic. They start spreading their negativity to the workplace. You definitely spoil your mood if you talk to someone rudely, and you will talk to other people in the same mood, right? This is not a healthy factor for any organization.

Doing Their Bare Minimum

Employees will only do their bare minimum, like doing what is asked for and completing their own tasks too forcefully. They do not get involved in learning new skills, helping other team members and colleagues, and taking up more tasks to reduce the burden of another team member.

Not Attending Enough Training

Employees having troubles at their workplace will only focus on doing their job and leave as soon as the office hours are over. They fail to grow and develop their skills by getting involved in development & training programs organized for them.

Customer Complaints & Escalations

If you notice too many customer complaints and escalations for an employee, try to understand their situation rather than taking strict action against them at the first mistake. There may be various factors troubling them, causing their work to affect and making their customers unhappy.


If you notice any of the above signs in your employees in your organization, you must take it as a serious concern and start taking measures to improve the situation. One way to do it is to engage them in mental health counselling that can help you and your employees understand and address their problems. Another way is to organize the right training programs on LMS like adobe captivate prime, which can help develop their soft and technical skills giving them more confidence & motivation at their work.

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