Some trades and businesses are unthinkable without a middle man, also known as a broker. Conventional stock trading is an old norm, and many people already know about it. However, today the advanced forex trading, which is often done within the local and international currencies, is a new thing for most investors. Therefore, the need for a reliable and professional broker is undeniable. 

Moreover, unlike the stock exchanges and stock markets, the forex exchange markets are virtual mostly. These are more like social media platforms with accounts and data. A layman who is just a beginner will require some guidance to understand the proper use of these platforms. Even if someone claims to hold some degrees in finance, e-commerce, or any other relevant still experience and insight about the current market dynamics is necessary. For your assistance in this article, we will explain why Exness broker is one of the perfect brokers today. 


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What is Exness? 

Exness is a renowned forex trading brokerage, offering numerous services for easy trading. You will need different facilities while starting forex and online trading, and relying on an average platform will only waste your time and might misguide you. 

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It has been in this field for almost 11 years. Unlike the local forex broker, it is a global firm. You can have the tailored services whenever needed; there are no restrictions on region or currency. They have a wide variety for you. The main office of Exness is Seychelles, while they operate the firm as a Cyprus broker. If you have a slight idea about forex trading, you might have heard that Cyprus-based brokers are one of the finest, as they are being regulated according to the best forex exchange standards. 

Why should you choose Exness? 

So far, we have only been discussing the main details about Exness, but to understand why it should be one of the preferred forex brokers, you will have to consider a few prominent and most celebrated features. 

Have a larger pool of investors

Exness is not something new, and you do not need to think several times when it comes to the pool of clients and forex traders it has. Currently, 72,271 active clients are using Exness from all across the globe. You might not find one near you for live feedback, but you can always search for some reliable reviews on the internet or on social media websites. 

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24/7 customer care 

As Exness is a global forex trading brokerage firm thus, its customer care is also designed for global customers. Unlike the local brokerages, it has the facility to avail customer guidance in 13 different languages. 

Moreover, it is a 24/7 service; you can contact the customer care representatives whenever you want. For some severe cases, they offer WhatsApp service too. If you are a beginner who does not want to risk anything and stay in touch while trading, then Exness should be your first choice. 

Reliable regulation 

Exness is not controlled and regulated by a single regulatory authority. More than four regulatory authorities are controlling Exness; it is one of the main reasons that make Exness a global brokerage firm for forex trade. 

If you think about it, forex exchange deals with several currencies from different regions. Thus, you should always trust those companies which are regulated through several regulatory authorities for forex. It is a quite relieving factor; you do not have to worry about reliability now. 

The following regulatory authorities regulate Exness from all across the globe for forex trading and B2B relations. 

  • UK’s Financial conduct authority (FCA)
  • Cyprus security and exchange commission. 
  • SFSA (Seychelles) 
  • CBCS (Curacao) 
  • BVIFS 
  • FSC (Mauritius) 

Wide variety of tradable products 

Trading through a brokerage company that is offering various tradable products is far safer. There you will get better chances to buy and sell. Exness ensures that the investors get the maximum number of opportunities. 

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You can get the following tradable products. 

  • 107 currency pairs. So that you can easily choose from the best currency pairs. 
  • Seven cryptocurrencies. They only deal with the best, reliable, and most demanded cryptocurrencies. 
  • 40 equities. It also expands their chances to invest. 
  • Twelve commodities. 
  • Index CFDs. 

Exness accounts 

Exness is not only for beginners, and there are different accounts for experts too. Each account comes with varying features to ensure that every investor must get a chance to invest as per his convenience. You will not feel like missing something. 

Exness is offering the following types of accounts

  • The standard cent account. 
  • The pro account. 
  • Raw speed Zero accounts. 

Minimum deposit 

You might be surprised to know, but Exness is literally for all. Anyone can start investing through this wonderful brokerage firm. The minimum deposit amount at Exness is $10. It means that even students can start forex trading; however, this minimum limit is only for the standard cent account; for zero and pro accounts, it is almost $200. 


Brokers can either help you double your money or lose it all. Therefore, choosing the right brokerage is beyond important. Exness provides all the essential services that one will need for forex and online trading. READ MORE

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