5 Things You Need to Know about PET Blow Molding Machine

We see plastic bottles and containers everywhere. Have you ever thought about how these bottles are manufactured? In this article, I will help you develop a basic understanding of bottles production, especially through the PET blow molding process. This article will tell you the top 5 things you need to know about the PET blow molding machine. 

What is a PET blow molding machine?


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Before going into the details, let me define the blow molding process. In simplest terms, it is the process of forming hollow objects which can be used as bottles and containers by inflating or blowing a thermoplastic molten tube in the shape of a mold cavity. The molten tube is termed as parison. The mold cavity will define the shape and size of the bottle. The molded object is cooled in the blow mold until it is ready to retain its shape. 

Development history of the blow molding process and blow molding machine

The Blow molding process is a well-known and globally used bottle-making process. The origin of the blow molding process can be traced back to Syrian glass workers in the 1st century. Then later in 1600-1700 BC, the Egyptians further developed the art of mold blowing. The process was widely used in the middle ages, especially in Europe. 

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The process was made applicable for mass production in the 1920s when US researchers developed new techniques and machinery for the process. The process was initially used for making glass, but due to the efforts of inventors Enoch Ferngren and William Kopitke, the process was extended to be used for plastic. The blow molding machine made by these two inventors started a revolution in plastic manufacturing and molding in the United States. Since, then due to the output of different researchers from all around the world, the technology of blow molding is in the most refined form today.

Types of blow molding

Blow molding has various types. There are four main types of blow molding, which I will discuss briefly for your consideration.

Extrusion blow molding

Extrusion blow molding is considered the simplest form of blow molding. In this process, a hot tube of plastic material (Parison) is dropped via an extruder. Then it is captured in a water-cooled mold. After closing the mold, the air is injected through the neck of the container, just like blowing up a balloon. Then the molded object is left for cooling, and after some finishing, it is ready to be used. This type of blow molding is used in plastic production extensively.  

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Spin trimming

In this type of blow molding, the excess material due to the molding process is cut off by spinning a knife around the container. Excessive plastic is used in creating new moldings. The trimming process is carried out with care, and the unwanted movement of the bottle during the trimming is reduced. 

Injection blow molding

The material, i.e., plastic or polymer, is injected into the core pin, then it is rotated by the molding machine until the plastic is inflated into the desired shape. Then it is cooled and ejected. Injection blow molding is not very common because it takes more time as compared to the other process. 

Injection stretch blow molding

It is a variation of injection blow molding, in which plastic is molded into a solid preform. Then it gets fed into the stretch blow mold machine and heated. After heating, it is blown into a plastic bottle with compressed air. Injection stretch blow molding is used for the production of soft drink bottles. 

Applications of PET blow molding machine

PET blow molding machine is extensively used in different industries to produce plastic bottles that are used to store liquids, chemical packaging, and store food items. The bottles made by PET blow molding machine are used for:

  1. Small and large bottle water filling
  2. Hot filling
  3. Carbonated filling
  4. Aseptic filling
  5. Ultra-hygienic filling
  6. Condiment filling 
  7. Oil filling

Tech-Long PET blow molding machine and its advantages

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As a factory owner, if you want to take your plastic bottle production to the next level, you should buy a Tech-Long PET blow molding machine. The PET blowing machine is a high-speed, fully automated rotary blow molding machine. It filled the gap of high-speed PET blow molding machines in China. Some of the amazing features of Tech-Long PET blow molding machine include: 

  1. Low energy consumption 
  2. Low noise
  3. It can save around 40-55% high-pressure air consumption 
  4. The preform heating consumption is lowered down by 10-15%
  5. High capacity
  6. Low maintenance 
  7. Its every functional part can be easily disassembled and assembled 

Some PET blow molding machine applications include PET bottles for beverages, milk products, edible oil, cosmetics, detergent, food, medicine, etc. Hence, the PET blow molding machine is one of the most powerful and useful machines ever produced by Tech-Long. 


Tech-Long, founded in 1999, has accumulated a wealth of experience. They offer a high-quality solution that can fulfill your industry requirements. Tech-Long is committed to delivering the finest quality of service to its customers. They are at your service 24/7.