7 Must-Have Things In Your Pooch’s First Aid Kit

You must have a first aid kit for yourself at home that’s full of all the things you might require if any emergency comes up. But what about your pet pooch? Shouldn’t he get his first aid kit, too? After all, they cannot use most of the things in that “human” first aid kit you have made for yourself. Moreover, if you frequently travel with your dog, a first aid kit is an absolute necessity.


Understandably, you don’t have a clear idea about what goes into a doggy first aid kit because that is entirely different from yours. You have nothing to worry about, as here is a complete list of the seven must-haves for your puppy’s first aid kit.

1.  Paperwork for Your Dog


When your dog falls ill at 3 am, you would not have the time to frantically Google the location of the nearest emergency vet center, especially if your dog has suddenly started vomiting profusely. It would help if you had all the emergency paperwork and phone numbers, i.e., your veterinarian, animal poison control center, and emergency vet near at hand. In case it is some critical emergency, you need all the information in one place to act quickly.


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Among the paperwork, you would need things like medical records and vaccination details. Moreover, if you plan to leave your dog with a sitter, let them know where you’ve kept the first aid kit.

2.  CBD Oil


Having CBD oil in your pup’s first aid kit can help him in more ways than one. CBD oil can help calm down your dog, something you need when he is howling and feeling restless with pain and irritation.


Moreover, CBD oil is also famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, so that it might initiate the process of healing in case of bee stings or minor scratches and bumps. You will get to help your dog enough to control his anxiety until he reaches the vet and gets the treatment. You can consider CBDistillery to know more about the uses of CBD oil for pets.

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3.  Sterile Eyewash for Dogs


Suppose your pup accidentally gets any harmful substance or debris in his eyes. In that case, there might not even be enough time to get him to the veterinarian before severe damage occurs to his eyes. You will need to keep a sterile eyewash solution for dogs near at hand to prevent any long-term troubles in their eyes.

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It will reduce irritation in your dog’s eyes and get the eyes and the surrounding tissues cleansed to relieve discomfort. Doggy eyewash helps remove tear stains, slowing down tear formation in their eyes and keeping infection at bay. But if there is swelling or redness, take them to a veterinarian without delay.

4.  A Thermometer


The normal temperature for your pup is 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit plus or minus 1 degree. If the dog’s body temperature is outside this scale, you should contact your vet. You will need to keep a sturdy thermometer in their first aid kit for this purpose.


Remember a few things about taking the body temperature of a dog. It’s best not to take it from their mouth because they tend to bite, and the reading is not accurate. The best place to get their body temperature is from the rectal area.

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5.  Stretchable Gauze Bandage


You naughty little pooch might just hurt his paws while being extra mischievous or curious. Your dog’s first aid kit also needs to have a stretchable and sterilized bandage. It would help if you got some quality sponges to go with the gauze bandages. The stretchable gauzes are suitable for standalone first aid kits and refills for those pre-made ones found in the market.

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Gauze bandages aren’t too expensive. You will find good ones for about one or two dollars. Make sure also to have a basic idea about how to bandage their paws.

6.  Sterile Non-Adhesive Pads


You can get these sterile, non-adhesive pads for both canines and people. Do not go overboard and buy the cheapest ones in the market. Only make sure that you get these pads sterilized before using them. Non-adhesive ones are great for dressing up such wounds with light bleeding, burns, scrapes, post-surgical wounds, and large surface cuts.


The non-adhesive pads have a perforated, soft Mylar film that remains bonded to another pad made of polyester or cotton. Say good to “ouch” because these pads are breathable, absorbent, and non-sticky.

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7.  Tweezers


No, you don’t need tweezers to shape those pretty eyebrows. Maybe you stay in a woodsy area, have a large garden, or have gone to visit a farmhouse with your pet. There can be ticks and bees in these areas.


Keeping a proper pair of tweezers in the right spot is vital to take out the blood-sucking ticks or painful stings off the body of your doggo. You will find quality pet tweezers in the grooming tool kits for dogs, or you can buy a single pet tweezer.

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The Endnote


You will find pre-made first aid kits for dogs in the market, but they might have a few of the necessary things missing while being full-on unnecessary items. So, even if you don’t plan to assemble the first aid kit, check to make sure the pre-made one you are considering has all that your dog might need, as per the list given here.