7 Types of Wedding Rings for Couples

Getting married is probably one of life’s most important decisions. You do not choose your parents, nor do you choose your siblings, and nor do you choose your kids. The only thing you get to choose is your life partner. It is more than correct when people say that the majority of your life’s happiness depends upon your life partner, so you should be wise while choosing them.

But once you have made the choice, preparing and planning for your wedding can be equally taxing. I mean the cake, the guest list, the venue, the dates, and my favorite, and probably one of the most important one, the wedding ring.


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I always emphasize a bit more on the wedding ring, than the other aspects of the wedding, simply because once the wedding is over, everything else, like the cake, the guests, and more will eventually fade away. But what will stay is your wedding ring, once and forever.

Now that you know I am always big on wedding rings, and weddings in general, you can make out that we are the best people in business to help you choose one. That being said, let’s quickly jump to the stunning rings we have picked up for you.

1.    The classic wedding band

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Something that has been in trend for years now, the timeless classic wedding band never goes out of style.

The classic bands are as simple as a thick plain band for men and slightly thinner for women. Typically, they are made of gold vermeil, white gold, sterling silver, or yellow gold. Nowadays, some people also prefer them on titanium, platinum wood, or even carbon fiber.

However, your final choice should largely depend upon your budget, as it will directly affect the price.

2.    The highly symbolic eternity ring

For many years now, the eternity ring has been gaining popularity. The basic model of the eternity ring consists of the classic wedding band, with a ring of diamonds or any other gemstones encircled around the band.

Eternity rings come with the comfort that you can opt for a half eternity ring if the budget restricts upon a full one. But, on the downside, eternity rings are hard to alter, if the size of the finger changes, over the years. So, make sure you consider that.

And lastly, if you are choosing a diamond eternity ring, you cannot miss out on checking out https://www.shjewellery.com.au/.

3.    French Pave Band

To simply put in the Pave band, it consists of a metal band that has diamonds or other gemstones on the visible half of the ring.

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Like many rings of the same type, they come in different styles. I, personally, advise people to choose a mixture of diamonds and various gemstones for their pave band.

4.    A modest curved ring

Let your engagement ring be one-of-a-kind with a curved ring. Like other rings, they are made of various stones and metals and look really, really pretty. They are thin in nature and are shaped like a wishbone, giving you ample space around them.

So, if you want your large stone or diamond ring to be complemented by something, pair it with a modest curved ring – I promise, you’re gonna love it!

5.    A twisted ring

Marriage doesn’t just unite two beings; it unites two souls. That being said, it is the whole idea behind a twisted ring.

The elegant design of a twisted ring represents and symbolizes a couple’s intertwining lives. You can go for readymade pieces, or even choose the two rings you want to intertwine.

6.    A stack ring

A lot like eternity rings, stack rings are no different when it comes to the basic idea of the ring. The only point of difference is the setting of the stones.

In eternity rings, the diamond, or gemstones lie above the ring, and you can feel them, just in case. But in stack rings, they lie within the surface. You can see them, but not feel them like eternity rings.

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7.    Sophisticated 5 stone wedding rings

An exquisite and exclusive ring, I haven’t come across many people who haven’t been in awe of these 5 stone wedding rings.

Ideally, they come in a gold vermeil band, and as the name suggests, they are an arrangement of 5 smaller diamonds or any other gemstones. They represent love, trust, loyalty, and communication.

So, hey mate, irrespective of the ring, make sure to choose it with a lot of love and faith in your heart – it is all that matters!