The security benefits of a cloud hosting environment


Cloud hosting offers business owners a wide variety of different benefits, but the focus of this article is going to be specifically on the security advantages. In fact, the security advantages alone are enough to justify switching to cloud hosting if you haven’t already. By the time you’ve finished reading this piece you’ll know exactly why. Here’s what you need to know…


1.      Physical, on-site security


This is something that is often overlooked, but switching to the cloud can improve your physical, on-site security. For example, you could indeed have world-class security in your office, however, the most effective theft deterrent is not having more security, but having nothing on-site worth stealing to begin with.


Choosing public cloud hosting will effectively prevent the physical theft of your data by keeping it stored remotely instead, in a much larger facility with air-tight security (both offline and online), thus making your premises a much smaller target.


2.      Network segmentation is a huge benefit


One of the most common methods of cyberattack today is would-be hackers targeting specific employees on a system via their email address or the various websites that they use. In a cloud environment, this is practically impossible as network segmentation means that their workstations only have the connectivity that they need to perform their jobs, rather than having direct access to the entire corporate network.

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As such, even if in the event that the workstation was compromised, the crucial business data would be stored elsewhere.


3.      Sophisticated security tools


The best cloud services in Australia provide their clients with fine-grain identity access controls, round-the-clock monitoring, advanced threat detection, application and network protection, sophisticated encryption, and so much more.


These impressive security features, which would otherwise be impossible to obtain for a small to medium sized business without the necessary resources, can help you keep your critical data airtight and safe from sabotage.


4.      Security is a cloud provider’s speciality


While security is likely already high up on your radar as a business owner, how much do you know about it? And what level of resources do you have access to?


When partnering with a reputable cloud service provider, you are quite literally gaining access to dedicated security experts who are forever innovating and finding new ways to provide their clients with heightened levels of protection.


The fact is, high-quality security is very staff-and-resource intensive. Unless you have the budget and infrastructure available to employee 24/7 security teams and cybersecurity professionals, you’ll always be at risk. Cloud providers will share their extensive resources with you so you don’t have to worry.

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5.      Security isn’t cheap


Just as security is labour and resource intensive, it is highly expensive as well. Again, unless you have a seemingly endless budget that wouldn’t be better utilised in other areas of your business, keeping your data stored onsite is an unnecessary risk.


There’s no doubt about it: in order to achieve the same level of protection that a reputable and well-established third-party cloud provider can offer you for a reasonable monthly fee, you’d have to spend a significant amount more.