Has Crysis stood the test of time? Considering Crysis Remastered

We are literally back in 2007. The Burning Crusade add-on for World of Warcraft has just been released, which we learned about from the latest article on Techktimes.com. Then we hung out in ” STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl “, got acquainted with the world of the first “Witcher” and admired the magnificent  CoD: Modern Warfare . And then SHE came out. A game that simultaneously admired both the best graphics at that time and the ability to burn even a powerful gaming machine without much difficulty. To play with the “grafon” and not suffer from 20 frames per second, it took many hours to delve into the graphics settings, download configs and close all unnecessary applications. And so, at the beginning of autumn 2020, we again spent the whole evening studying the graphic settings of the same  Crysis (reprinted only) so you can enjoy the picture without burning your brand new game machine. Amazingly, Saber and Crytek have managed to reproduce exactly the same experience as 13 years ago. But is this an experience that you would like to repeat?

It’s fair to say that the Crysis re-release does look better than the original. A lot of work has been done with lights, shadows, particle systems and water. In addition, the picture has become much juicier and brighter. The latter, however, was not liked by everyone: someone liked the cheerful tropical landscapes, and someone thinks that the darker scale of the old game suited her much better. In a word, it’s a matter of taste. Be that as it may, the game looks good, and that’s a fact. Objects cast realistic shadows and CryEngine ray tracing actually works. 

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The only problem is that the picture, of course, is good, but obviously not so good that it slows down on ABSOLUTELY ANY MACHINE on the local analogue of ULTRA- settings. Even the one based on the latest 3080. And this is in 1080p resolution. We tested the game on a GeForce RTX 2070 Super graphics card , AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor and 32 GB of RAM. This machine easily pulls monsters like Star Citizen (and there, for a minute, the light from celestial bodies and objects is calculated in real time, taking into account the passage through the atmosphere) and very demanding on the hardware Call of Duty: Warzone with RTX turned on. Or Battlefield 5 with its voracious  Frostbite and similar technology.

Comparison with the latter, by the way, is especially relevant: after adding Pacific maps in Battlefield 5, we got an almost photorealistic jungle with much less resources for PC. And with them, the “Krayzis” forests and beaches, alas, do not stand up to any comparison. And here we have a completely natural question: how so? We decided that we might not have understood or seen something and deliberately entered Battlefield 5 on the map with the most jungle – “Solomon Islands”. In order not to be unfounded, we also took screenshots.

Do you feel the difference in quality? 

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Yes, shadows are good here and there. In the first case, we have RTX technology from NVIDIA , and in the second – software ray tracing from Crytek . But with everything else, there are more differences. Battlefield boasts much sharper textures (and here they are much more voluminous, for example, look at a country road here and here), gorgeous rays of light between branches, an order of magnitude more detailed small objects and realistic foliage. And HuniePop 2, for a minute, was not released last week, but two years ago. And if for Crysis the jungle is a calling card, then in Battlefield 5 it is just one of several biomes present in the game.

In general, the comparison of these two games could be called completely incorrect, if not for one big “but” – the system requirements. If a game is devouring such fantastic resources, then it must justify such greed with the best picture on the market. But the comparison, as you can see, is completely not in her favor. But there is also such a thing as a frame rate counter. Screenshots were taken at the same resolution and on the same machine. At the same time, Battlefield 5 still has an impressive backlog for, say, software resolution scaling, while Crysis does not even have such a setting. But only in the first case on ULTRA- settings we have about 70 frames, and in the second – uncertain 30. Surprising. 

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Well, since we’re talking about graphics settings, let’s dig a little deeper. The game set the Maximum settings to us by default and ran perfectly until the moment we reached the first beach and daylight appeared. There, the frame rate dropped sharply. After a long digging in the settings, we managed to find out that the renewed water is to blame. There is no particular visual difference between water at medium and maximum settings, but a decrease in this characteristic gave about 12 frames. I also had to reduce the quality of the shadows to “high”, since this setting is also quite voracious. After that, it became quite playable in Crysis – it turned out to be about 65 frames per second. In total, the maximum settings with reduced quality of water and shadows turned out to be a playable setup. And that’s on the 2070S .

Here we will remind once again that the maximum settings here are by no means the highest. There is also a local ULTRA called “CanItRynCrysis?” And here everything is really bad. The frame counter drops to 25, and sometimes even lower. As a result, with different settings on our machine at 1080p and on the same beach, we get the following:

  • Low – 76
  • Medium – 76
  • High – 51
  • Maximum – 46
  • Maximum (Water: Medium) – 58
  • CanItRunCrysis – 30


Another unexpected problem was the additional load in the form of video recording or streaming using any recording / broadcasting program. What looked quite good on the screen, resolutely refused to record properly. This was especially noticeable when the first Cephs and related videos appeared. It was impossible to watch the resulting video there. The only solution was to downgrade the shaders to medium settings and completely disable the vaunted ray tracing. Total, stream or record the updated Crysisyou can, but its most delicious features like ray tracing will not take part in this. Visually, by the way, changing the tracing settings is noticeable rather weak. Only its presence or absence is visible. 

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