Newegg Shuffle Loophole Discovered By 11 Year Old Who Bought Rtx 3090 GPU

Newegg Shuffle, a drawing method that properly levels the playing field to allocate in-demand products to regular shoppers, was launched by Newegg, one of the biggest tech-focused e-retailers in North America.

Newegg Shuffle Loophole Discovered Rtx 3090 GPU

Demand, scarcity, and when inventory is acquired — all influence the frequency of Newegg Shuffle events. New events usually start between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. PT Monday through Friday. Customers visiting the official website can choose the product(s) they want to buy during the selection window. Customers would be chosen at random and get notified by email, allowing them to complete their purchase within the 3.5-hour buying window.  

How does It work? 

The process is simple, and the few steps clients must take to enter the drawing ensure that bots and other automated techniques of gaming the system are considerably minimised, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance at purchasing the thing they want (s). Newegg has also taken steps to ban IP addresses of anyone suspected of employing auto-refresh, autoload, or crawler software to obtain an unfair edge.

Popular items include NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs, AMD Ryzen 5000 Series desktop processors, AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics cards, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S have seen exceptionally high demand due to supply restrictions and production shortages. Due to recent demand increases, tens of thousands of buyers competed for restricted supply when specific products became available, with bots and scalpers attempting to profit from the scenario. The Newegg Shuffle is used to manage the distribution of certain high-demand products so that everyone has a fair chance of getting their desired item.

Newegg Shuffle Loophole Discovery

Many merchants now have multiple systems in place, making obtaining elusive graphics cards like the GeForce RTX 3080 and Radeon RX 6900 XT difficult. Thousands of others could not purchase it, but one astute 11-year-old Florida boy discovered a flaw in the Newegg Shuffle system. This allowed us to skip the line and put the EVGA FTW3 RTX GeForce 3090 in our shopping cart right now.

For many people in the United States, the Newegg Shuffle was the greatest way to buy a new graphics card without dealing with bots and scalpers. Note that you cannot simply log in and buy a GPU on the shuffle; instead, you must register for a lottery-style system to book the desired item, with the winner having a chance to acquire it during the buying period.

Luck of the Draw

The Newegg Shuffle method was created to keep PS5 consoles away from scalpers who were buying up available stock and then reselling online at a drastically inflated price to make a profit. Still, the lottery was quickly expanded to include other gear suffering from the same problems.

Given the large number of people who enter the Newegg Shuffle, it’s unsurprising that most of those who enter are unsuccessful. According to PCMag, each raffle attracts an average of 100k people. The Newegg ‘Build your PC’ function, which allows users to digitally build a selection of components to construct a bespoke gaming desktop PC, was used by Florida resident Ricardo Santana Jr to skip the entire lottery procedure.

Newegg has been using the raffle mechanism for almost three months to assist customers in getting their hands on in-demand commodities like the PlayStation 5. The method abandons the first-come, first-served model to give everyone an equal chance at obtaining items such as the latest graphics cards, which are in short supply.

While the Newegg website appeared to be pretty secure, the mobile app allowed you to add any GPU to your cart and check out without having to add any other components, even if the cards were marked as ‘out of stock.’ PCMag confirmed the veracity of the loophole in the above video; however, Newegg has now received wind of the situation and immediately fixed it up – so if you’re hoping to attempt it yourself, you’re out of luck. According to Andrew Choi, senior brand manager at Newegg, only a few graphics cards were sold due to the vulnerability. All following orders were halted.

After experiencing the Shuffle system before discovering the breach in Newegg’s system, Ricardo Santana Sr (the boy’s father) told PCMag that they resisted the temptation to use the loophole because they wanted other people to have a chance to get their hands on some hardware.

“I thought about buying more, but I don’t want to abuse it, so I would like to give others a chance. They (Newegg) sell custom builds with a random inventory. I do not know the exact number of people who have won the shuffle, but I have tried the shuffle many times but never won.”

Opinion: Let People Do Have Fun

“What the hell does an 11-year-old boy need an RTX 3090” I wondered at first. But, to be honest, it’s great for them. Newegg is clearly having no trouble, as he commended his family for identifying the flaw. And, until the workaround was rectified, some further purchases were made, perhaps by gamers rather than business people looking to make a profit.

“It’s terrible to have to go this far to get these cards,” Santana Sr told PCMag, expressing a sentiment shared by PC gamers and builders for months. When you start noticing GPUs on the shelf that are fairly priced and have enough stock to go around, you know you’ve arrived at the right place. The advantage of the collapsing cryptocurrency mining sector is that anyone can make a guess.

Conclusion | Newegg Shuffle Loophole Discovered Rtx 3090 GPU

Unless product stock suddenly changes, Newegg said it would keep the arrangement in place indefinitely. The Shuffle system is now only available in the United States, but Newegg hopes to spread it in the future. 

For the time being, if these pleasant stories emerge amid a deluge of negative news about a hardware scarcity, we’ll pick them up!

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