Post-Renovation Tips for a Hassle-Free Clean Up

One of the worst things about renovating your space is the massive clean-up project that inevitably follows. Clean-ups after renovations are even more tedious than the regular cleaning, mainly because you are dealing with stubborn paint stains, disposing of rubble and waste materials, and dust and grime as well. If you dread cleaning up as much as we do, we have the perfect list of tips for you to make your post-renovation clean-up hassle-free and smooth.

Organize Your Tools and Resources

If you have decided to undertake the cleaning project yourself, it is important to be organized. We recommend making a list and then gathering all the tools and products that you might require to help make the task easier. This may include household items like mops and buckets, brooms and vacuum cleaners as well as dusters and sponges. There is a world of cleaning products you can use, too. 

If cleaning up requires you to wash floors, walls, or other areas in the space, then easy access to water via a hose is also necessary. You will also need trash bags to collect and dispose of the waste materials left behind after construction. You can either dump this in your trash cans. Aside from tools to help with cleaning, you will also need safety rubber gloves, goggles, and masks to protect yourself from harm.

Consider Professional Help

When undertaking a cleaning project after renovations, the first thing to consider is whether the job can be handled by you or if there is a need to hire professionals to do the cleaning. If the area being cleaned is free of large debris and hazardous waste and requires basic cleaning like mopping and dusting, then there is no need to hire professional cleaners. 

If there are, however, large pieces of drywall and brick, for example, lying around that need to be disposed of, or if you have carpeting and furniture that needs to be deep cleaned, then it is best to hire professionals that can safely guide and assist you with your cleaning. If your renovations were extensive and you think you need more in-depth knowledge, the specialists at Forsyth County waste disposal can provide guidance on how to get rid of your waste for you. Other factors to consider that can influence your decision of hiring help also include your budget and your concern for safety as well as the necessary equipment required for cleaning. 

Be Systemic in Your Cleaning

There are different types of cleaning and in order to have the most efficient clean-ups, it is important to take the process step by step. Have a mental or physical checklist in mind when starting your cleaning. The first step is to do a rough sweep of the area and conduct a superficial clean-up. This implies getting rid of any large pieces of drywall, bricks, or wood that are leftover from the renovations. This also includes removing paint stains and other residues from substances and wiping clean glass and window surfaces. 

Once you are done with this step, you can move to the deep cleaning that requires a more thorough approach like washing and drying up bathrooms, vacuuming floors and carpets, and dusting smaller accessories like light fixtures and door handles. 

The last step will take you a couple of days after you have settled in. This includes cleaning up any smudgy windows and mirrors, sweeping underneath furniture, and dusting fine surfaces like cabinet shelves or crockery that was present in the house during the renovations and was not removed. Lastly, a post-renovation cleanup will also include you having to disinfect surfaces to get rid of germs and bacteria, and keeping the area well ventilated to get rid of any toxic fumes that may have lingered in the house. 

Know What You Are Cleaning

Another essential thing to take into consideration is to keep in mind the various types of surfaces you will be cleaning and how each one requires a different type of clean-up. You can organize it according to each surface to get the maximum effectiveness of the project. Marble and tiled floors are relatively easy to clean up, they can be washed with water and mopped, and then swept for fine dust. 

Carpeted floors however might require professionals to do a deep clean with industrial equipment that you cannot operate. Furniture that is made from fabric like sofas and beds may also require professional cleaning, whereas wooden floors and furniture can be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth or dusters.

Cleaning up properly after renovating is as important as the renovation itself. The better the clean up the better space will look. A poorly cleaned space will most definitely dampen any improvements renovating the space has made.

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