BODYCARE Women’s Mid Waist Panty Review

If you’re ashamed of your body waist shape and want to fix it, then you should try body care women’s mid-waist shapewear panty. It would help you in gaining your desired mid-waist shape. In the past few years, shapewear panties have bought a huge change in the garment world. The journey started with just one piece of slimming garment, but it has turned into something more interesting with time.

Nowadays, shapewear is available in various styles, shapes, colors, and various patterns. It has become the most important part of the wardrobe collections for women these days. If you want to get rid of extra fats from your body for the desired body shape, you need to figure out your body’s type. Give an account to an online body shape calculator that allows you to know your body type to your body shape measurements.

BODYCARE Women’s Mid Waist Shapewear Panty:

The style of this body shapewear is known as the mid-waisted shapewear, and the pattern of this garment is solid. It contains 63% of cotton, 22% of polyamide, and 15 percent of elastane. This amount of cotton and elastane makes this shapewear so comfortable to wear. The best features are its firm control panties with excellent back support and elasticized waistband. Before purchasing any shapewear, use the body type calculator for women to determine the body shape & waist to hip ratio according to your chest, hip, high hip, and waist measurements. So, you can purchase the best shapewear according to your body type.

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How to Wear Shapewear Correctly:

Well! We all know the benefits of wearing shapewear, but these skimming and stretchy garments can help you give your desired body shape. So, you can wear any clothes from jeans to tights, etc.

Modern-day shapewear can’t reshape your body parts permanently, but you need to choose a mid-waist panty that suits your body shape. Try an online body shape calculator through which you can determine the shape of your body online. However, everything has its benefits and downfalls.


The most common issue you might be encountered with is skin irritation, and especially this problem occurs when you have any skin allergy. It also happens when you wear this stretchy garment for long periods. Before wearing, make sure that the size of the garment is suitable.

If the shapewear is tight, then it will affect your blood circulation. You can avoid these issues by knowing your current body type before purchasing a mid-waist panty. For ease, you can try a body figure calculator to know what type of body shape you have.


Calculating your body shape:

Before discussing the body shape, let’s explain with the question, “can you solve the mathematics equation without using the basic math’s operations.  The answer is no. It is important to figure the body characteristics & its shape types because it gives us enough information for achieving the goal of desired body shape. You are the body shape calculator that finds the different body shape types for men & women.

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Knowing your body shape type can help to get your ideal physique. What type of food and its amount are some of the questions related to ideal body shape when you’re trying to lose weight. It will be beneficial in various ways such as,

  • It helps to let you know the suitability of food.
  • Can assist you in select the best exercise for your weight loss or gain goals
  • It will help you in calculating macronutrients.

If you’re confused about body physique calculation, then using the body shape calculator is the best tool for you to find the current body shape.

FAQ about shapewear panty & body shape:

Does shapewear help shape your body?

The body shape compression garments are specially designed to put constant pressure on your body. It especially puts pressure around the waistline, buttock, thighs, and busts according to the specific design. It just helps eliminate some of the fatty areas from the mid-body section temporarily. You need to find a ratio from waist to hip if you want to remove them permanently from your body. For convenience, account an online body type calculator that tells your waist to hip ratio.

What is the purpose of shapewear?

The shapewear is said to be an undergarment that is designed to alter the body shape for a specific time. It is used to flatten the stomach, make them look slimmer and more attractive in their favorite outfits.

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How many hours should I wear shapewear?

According to the experts, the wearing limit of the mid-waist panty is eight hours max. If you wear this for a long time, it will lead you to severe health problems. With the body shape calculator, you can calculate the ratio from waist to hip to get an ideal body shape.

Pros & cons of body shapers:

Using body shapers to get into your favorite dress has been going on since ancient times. However, it has some pros and cons, and they’re:



  • The dress size goes down by about 1 to 3 sizes quickly as the flabby muscles are held tight & in place temporarily.
  • Those who have slightly above the normal weight can get the hourglass body shape by using it regularly.
  • You will shrink a few inches without doing hard exercises.


  • Body shaper can compress the body muscles, and it will lead you to some health
  • The health hazards of wearing panties depend on their types.
  • Full-body shapers are more expensive as compared to specific body shapes.


Well! There are many benefits of wearing body shapers, and every woman should have to spend some of the time purchasing mid-waist body shapers. It’s a common misconception that all types of shapers are uncomfortable. Still, if you have selected a garment that targets some specific body areas, you will have both comfort and control.

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Before buying, you must know which types of body shape you have. You can find your body shape with an online body shape calculator so; you can choose the most suitable shaper for your body.