Prepare for Upcoming Boards with Class 10 Sample Papers

Class 10 Board exams can be a little stressful for the students, as the marks they secure become the basis for choosing which field they want to study in higher secondary classes. Board exams are very different from the annual examination that the students are used to giving until Class 9.

Students’ preparation for the board examination needs to be very solid if they wish to choose the subject (Science, Commerce or Humanities) of their choice. After completing the syllabus, the first step should be to check out the CBSE sample paper, which is a specimen of the question paper for the actual board examination.

What Are Sample Papers, and Why Are They Important?

The latest syllabus and paper pattern are used to construct sample question papers, which can be used while attempting mock tests. These papers are the replica of the question paper format followed in the board examination.

Now the question arises: Why are sample papers considered important? To know that, go through the points mentioned below.


  1. Exam pattern: By attempting sample papers, students can learn about the mark distribution and various portions covered in a question paper. Students won’t feel fearful while attempting actual examination papers if they solve sample papers.
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  1. Structure of questions: Generally, question papers for the CBSE Board have four sections. The points awarded for each segment and the level of questioning vary. By attempting the CBSE sample papers, students will gain a better insight into how to respond to various questions based on the weight of the marks.


  1. Speed: Students’ ability to answer questions quickly will naturally develop once they have attempted a significant number of CBSE sample papers. They will understand the weightage of each question in terms of marks and how to answer them.


  1. Overcome fear: Students will be able to get over their nervousness if they become familiar with the kinds of questions asked in the exam. By clearing their doubts through practising sample papers, the concepts are strengthened. As a result, this will help them overcome their fear.

What Is the Best Way for a Student to Practise with Mock Exams?

You should answer the example questions as if you were taking your actual exam because they are similar to the questions on the actual exam.

For example, if you are preparing for a Science examination, download the sample papers for Class 10 science and then start solving them in the same manner as you would attempt an actual examination.

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Sit in a quiet area. Make sure the table and chairs are set up properly before you sit down. Have a water bottle and all the necessary stationery on hand. Keep your phone and other distractions out of the way. Start the clock and start taking your exam.

What Is an Ideal Time to Start Solving Sample Papers?

The ideal time to start solving sample papers is when you feel ready to take the actual examination. This will help boost your confidence. After analysing the written responses, you will be able to identify your areas of weakness.

And then, focus on them accordingly so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes during the examination.

How Many Sample Papers Should a Student Solve before the CBSE Board Examination?

After completing your revision, solving CBSE sample papers will give you several advantages. Usually, it is recommended that students solve sample papers from at least the previous 2–3 years before the appearing year of the examination.

It is recommended that you include solving at least one example question paper per day in your study plan. When the exam is approaching, this can increase. More sample papers mean a greater variety of questions.

To ensure that the relevant questions are repeated frequently, it is a good idea to solve prior years’ question papers. There is a high chance that these questions might appear in the examination again.

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