Secretly How MrBeast Opened 300 Restaurants Overnight

MrBeast shook his fans when he opened 300 restaurants overnight. When he launched a video titled “I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It”, everyone thought it was just his another philanthropic video. But that was his marketing strategy to promote his 300 MrBeast Burger restaurants. In this post, let’s how he secretly opened his restaurants overnight.

MrBeast Opened 300 Restaurants Overnight

MrBeast opened 300 restaurants overnight by taking the help of a company VDC (Virtual Dining Company). Although he opened 300 restaurants overnight according to his manager Reed Duchscher, he and his team were planning it for a year. Then they partnered with restaurants and delivery platforms to make this virtual dining concept possible.

VDC has already helped many influencers open their own food outlets. But this was a little different as MrBeast believes more in giving than taking. He thought of doing so to help the restaurants as they were affected a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But still, this wasn’t an easy process to do and he faced many challenges. Be with me till the end of this post to know his secret strategy of helping the restaurants.

How did he secretly open 300 restaurants overnight?

When he was planning to launch his virtual restaurants, he needed infrastructure and kitchen equipment. So he took the help of VDC (Virtual Dining Company) to make this concept possible. If you don’t know about VDC, it is a profitable delivery-only restaurant concept that can be implied in existing kitchen operations.

Then VDC partnered with 300 restaurants and told them to maximize their working capacity and a number of chefs. Then MrBeast decided the menu and trained the restaurants to make the burgers. One smart lesson that we can learn from this line is that he only chose burgers as they are most easy to replicate and anyone can make them perfectly with a little training.

You must be thinking about how restaurant profits from this business model. As you know MrBeast is a philanthropist, so helped by giving restaurants a profit of 30% and profits are paid weekly. MrBeast also launched his own delivery app to deliver the burgers. Apart from their own delivery app, you can also order from DoorDash, Ubereats, Grubhub and Postmates.

How MrBeast Revealed MrBeast Burgers to the World?

When he launched his video “I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It”, everyone thought that just another money-giving video which he uploaded on his channel. But everyone was wrong, he introduced his 300 MrBeast Burgers restaurants to the world.

In his video, he was giving $100 to everyone who was eating his burgers at his first outlet which was opened in North Carolina. At that time, nobody knew he had plans of opening 300 restaurants. His marketing strategy was so well, that it caused a 20-mile traffic jam and police requested them to close the restaurant.

His manager in an interview with Creator Economics revealed that they were planning it for the last 1 year and registered the trademark 4-5 months earlier. They even started training the restaurant guys 3 months prior and still, nobody gave out spoilers. Then he announced through his social media accounts and YouTube channel that he was going to launch the restaurants.

Conclusion | MrBeast Opened 300 Restaurants Overnight

MrBeast has promised his international fans that he would be soon coming to their respective countries. He has already started expanding into Canada and soon will expand eventually all over the world. He is a perfect example of investing money in the right place and simultaneously helping and bringing a change in society.

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