Preschool Birthday Party

9 Exciting Tips For Throwing A Preschool Birthday Party For Kids

For most of the kids, the celebration of their birthday is like a holiday. They love it a lot, as it is an exclusive day for them. This occasion is complete when it has everything – from cake, balloons, and presents to snacks and singing – of their choice and taste. 


Many people like you face problems when it comes to planning and throwing a birthday party for kids. The preschool age is an ideal time for planning and throwing a bash, dedicated to kids. Here are some useful ideas that could help you keep kids engaged and arrange the things well:


1. Ensure that everything is age-appropriate 

Before you start planning a preschool birthday party, keep your kid’s age in mind. For guests, make sure that each thing, from activities to party menu and ending, is appropriate as per their age. You should pay more attention to the birthday child’s age if you are inviting guests of different age groups. For instance, invite only 6 children if your kid is 4 years. Choose the location that younger kids love and feel comfortable.


2. Schedule the party time

Every party has a schedule – beginning time and ending time. An open-ended bash makes the guests confused. Scheduling the party and informing the same enables you and your guests to plan other things for the rest time on that day. If your kid is under 5, plan the celebration for one-two hours. 


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3. Choose the location very carefully

Your home is an ideal option for a preschool birthday party for your prince or princess. When you notice that your home has no enough space to throw the bash, opt for choosing other places such as a park or a restaurant, especially with kid’s space. Ensure that the space is easily accessible to each guest and has recreation facilities. Move ahead in booking a daycare center or local park in advance.  


4. Finalize activities for kids

While planning the activities, stay focused on selecting the one for a short period. At the end of one activity, let the kids have a break for 5-10 minutes. Avoid including the activities in the bash in which the guests have to wait a lot for their own turn. Think of including the activities like page coloring, pasting custom labels/stickers of gift items, and freeze dance. Further, make sure that each activity has an adult’s support.  


5. Note down each piece of relevant information in the invitation 

After planning the bash, make sure you are going to invite the children of the same age. Move ahead in sending the invitation to the kids of the predetermined age. On the invitation card, mention all the relevant information like venue detail, party schedule, etc. so that the guests will have no issue from reaching the venue to enjoying the bash.


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6. Determine the menu 

Most of the kids prefer to have pizza. However, you have many items that you can think of including chicken nuggets, small sandwiches, fruits, hot dogs, and bagels. Many children have such items in their meal or party menu. For adult guests (kids’ parents) too, you can serve these items.  


7. Book the entertainment 

Before you finalize the hiring of performers for a kid’s party, you should ask some relevant queries. Your queries should be based on costume, performance time, and allied others. Further, you can request the performers not to change their outfits during the party time. With this, you can stop the little guests from being confused.


8. Buy or bake the cake

Before you start doing anything such as purchase or baking for the party cake, closely interact with your child to know what he/she likes in it. A cake is an excellent option. However, you can go with cupcakes, ice cream sundaes, or big cookies. To match with the party theme, you can decorate the cake with drawings and tiny toys. Instead of buying, you cake your child’s favorite cake at home. 


9. Prepare your child for receiving a present

Gifts are in the limelight of a party. The guests shop for birthday gifts for kids before attending a party dedicated to the birthday boy/girl. It is you who have to train your kid what to do after receiving a gift from a guest. Train him/her to avoid opening the gift package in the middle of the bash and disclosing what item is inside the packet to the whole world. Further, encourage your kid to thank all the guests while receiving the packet and at the end of the party.


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Throwing a preschool birthday party is great to make your kid happy and enjoy his/her special day. For making this party successful and keeping every little guest engaged, you need to keep every detail in mind while planning for it.