Torque Pro Apk full 2021 – OBD 2 & Car- Best Version Download

About Torque Pro Apk full 2021 – OBD 2 & Car 2021

Torque Pro APk
Torque Pro APk

Torque Pro Apk is the best app to use as a scanner. Torque Pro Apk can be used to check the performance of a vehicle or a car. If you want to check the performance of a car, then you should use Torque Pro Apk.

It is the real-time performance of a car or any other vehicle. You can quickly check the performance of a car by using the Torque app.  by using OBD 2 Bluetooth adapter, the Torque app Can be easily performed.

This app uses GPS to track the logs. You can use this app as a scanner. So many of the users of a can be benefited by using Torque Pro Apk full 2021.

Torque Pro Apk Is there a premium version of Torque. In this version, all the features will be unlocked instead of the old version. You can get the updated version releases from this app.

You can get it from the download link of this article section. This app has many useful things for a car that users can benefit from by using these articles to view the engine data from Google Earth in this app. Using Torque Pro Apk, Users can know the engine performance of a car and the data fault codes, and other engine details. Board Diagnostics (OBD) Is there one kind of reporting data of the vehicle diagnostic.

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What’s new in Torque Pro APK?

App NameTorque Pro Apk full 2021
App Size10+ MB
Developed ByIan Hawkins
App Updated OnMarch 03, 2021

Details of Torque pro apk 2021

To get the benefit from the dialysis of data, you need to download Torque’s latest version from this article.

Torque Pro Can use the GPS to provide the actual logs to the performance of the engine logging that will be watched by the user at any time from any point. Can we should also in the DTC as a port like a scan tool.

Torque Pro APk
Torque Pro APk

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About Torque Pro Apk full 2021 download

Torque Apk Is the best APK to where’s the performance of monitor engines, transmission, and other car parameters. This app supports all the Android devices and the iOS platform. But you need to use the Bluetooth adaptor from your smartphone.

If you are an order busy person, then you need to know the car performance from any damage. Then you should use Torque Pro. That will be a useful app for your smartphone to see the car performance specifications.

So you can use your smartphone with your car to know the accurate performance of your car.  this app helps the user to see the problem of your vehicles or vehicles. This app provides a proactive idea to repair your vehicle and the question of your car.

Torque Pro APk
Torque Pro APk

Features of Torque pro apk free

  • It has a customized Dashboards.
  • It has customized profiles.
  • This app can read carbon dioxide emissions.
  • One can easily share the captured screenshots from the app to social media.
  • From different manufacturers, It can complete a fault code to check out the database.
  • It has different themes to look at the database in a different format.
  • It has Dynometer and Horsepower Meter.
  • It can send logging pieces of information to the desired email.
  • It can enable the car dock system.
  • It can read Transmission Temperatures for your car or vehicle.
  • It has Warnings and alarms systems.
  • The GPS tracking, speed of the car directly uploaded on the web through email.
  • You can use the app through your tablet’s phone.
  • It has a Heads Up Display for the night time driving.
  • It can automatically send and receive GPS data to Twitter Account.
  • It has a track recorder plugin to capture a video.
  • It will show the accurate speed of the car.

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Torque pro apk free download

FAQs Android Torque pro apk

  1. Can I download torque pro android?

    Yes,  you can download torque pro android free from this article. You don’t need any amount to pay to download this article.
    You can get the fully modded Pro apk from this article. You may find the latest version of Torque Pro Apk. So you don’t need to worry about downloading torque Pro Android.

  2. How to download torque pro free?

     If you want to download Torque pro-free, then you need to connect to this article to download the latest version of the torque app.  so you are in the right place to download the torque pro apk.

  3. What is obd2 Bluetooth android?

    Oobd2 Bluetooth android is a kind of Bluetooth version that the needs of using of torque app.  you need to enable this permission from Uri smartphone to use the torque app.

  4. How can I get torque pro plugins apk?

     If you are looking for the torque pro plugins apk, then you should visit this article to get the latest version of talk pro APK.

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 Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best awesome Torque Pro APK full version, then you should download it from this article with the latest version of the game apk pro.

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To install Torque Pro, you have to enable unknown sources to the point in time. It enables GPS to provide tracker in android apps like a web upload capability. It shows co2 emissions in different theme support choose.

The video your journey using the track recorder plugin with onscreen can be sued by this app. The web or email CSV with a massive fault code database can be checked by Torque Pro. It sends GPS tagged tweets with magnetic interference.

The pro apk file of torque pro can automatically send GPS tagged to obdii data overlay and obd ii Bluetooth adapter in real-time with heads up display hud pro.