What Legal Process Can You Initiate if You Suffer Injuries From a Pressure Cooker Malfunction?

The rise of technological advancements has meant increased competition in the sale of products and services. One direct outcome of this has been a decline in the quality of available products. As more and more companies seek to expand profits, they do so at the cost of safety. Kitchen utensils such as pressure cookers are vulnerable to issues like overheating, especially if the model is defective.


The concentration of a high level of energy in the form of pressure in the vessel can be a source of accidents if it explodes. In most cases, the mishap occurs due to no fault of the victim, and they thus become eligible to be compensated for the injuries they have sustained. If you or your loved ones are injured from a pressure cooker, you should consult an attorney immediately to explore your legal options.


What should I do after suffering injuries from a pressure cooker malfunction?


If you are injured due to a malfunctioning pressure cooker, the first step you must take is to seek medical treatment. This is especially essential if you have suffered burns. To address the legal aspect, you must contact a personal injury lawyer experienced in product liability cases. You can opt for one of two ways to claim compensation for your injuries:

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  • Class Action Lawsuit 


A group of individuals files a class-action lawsuit against one defendant. These are usually filed when multiple people have experienced similar injuries or damage by the same defendant. This is a helpful course of action if you have not suffered many injuries as the compensation received from the defendant would be distributed among all the victims. If you have suffered severe injuries which will require a high medical cost, you should opt for filing an individual lawsuit.

  • Individual Lawsuit 


Injuries from an explosion of a pressure cooker can be life-changing. They can include first, second, or third-degree burns, requiring surgeries, grafts, therapy, and other treatments. Additionally, such severe injuries have a severe effect on the victim’s mental health as well. It is better if you file an individual lawsuit to claim damages in such a situation. This process will involve proving the manufacturer’s liability or the company that produced the defective product. Your lawyer can help by guiding you about the various types of product liability claims under which you can file for compensation.


Injuries from an exploding pressure cooker can be pressing. In some cases, they can even be fatal. Since these injuries can be critical, you must consult a lawyer who can handle the process of filing for damages as you recover.

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