Why Contemporary Users Need Electronic Signatures

Digital technology has embraced all areas of human affairs. The world is evolving faster and more rapidly. Many people are faced with signing documents, whether they are ordinary people or big business owners. And suppose earlier the physical presence of the signatory was obligatory. In that case, such a function as online signatures provides users with an opportunity to work with documents from any part of the world.


Paperwork, loss, forgery, maintaining archives, and other hassles are a thing of the past. Now, most progressive people prefer to create their signatures in electronic format. It is worth understanding how safe, convenient, and practical it is.

How to Make Your Electronic Signature

To begin with, it’s necessary to understand what a signature is in this format. It’s a digital equivalent of an ordinary handwritten copy, which you can draw on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, and desktop computer. For this purpose, it is necessary to use one of the platforms choosing the most convenient one. There are many such options available today, the differences between them are not only in cost but also in features, functionality, clear perception of the interface, and menu.


However, just drawing a signature is not enough. To comply with the security rules, the users must undergo identification, and confirm their identities in one of the following ways:

  • log in to the account via email;
  • cell phone numbers;
  • photo or video confirmation.
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Depending on the selected software, all or some of the above types of authentication may be required.


After the procedure is completed, the signature is stored and is available for use in any electronic documents. for instance,

  • lease agreements;
  • invoices;
  • purchase and sale;
  • receipts, certificates, etc.


Thus, there is no need to travel to meetings with clients, partners, or agents. It is sufficient to request an electronic document, and, having signed it, send it back by email.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are a lot of people who may be wondering: “What are the benefits that the owner of an online signature gets? What are the risks and are there any?” Let us outline the key advantages:

  • Time savings – travel time is minimized, as well as the cost of tickets, accommodation, and meals during business trips;
  • Space saving – stacks of papers need to be archived and stored in favorable conditions. With electronic documents, everything is easier – a cloud storage facility is sufficient;
  • Quick access – you can open a document from your gadget in any country;
  • Reliability – it’s important for a business to prove its credibility. Possessing modern technologies, a business owner shows that s/he is a progressive person and keeps up with the times;
  • Protection and security – it is very difficult to forge a signature and a document, and impossible to lose it.
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When it comes to disadvantages, there are only some costs to purchasing a package that can be quickly recouped by the exclusion of many items of expenditure.

How to Choose a Platform for Online Signature

There are many offers for such services. The most famous providers are PandaDoc, Hellosign, Blueink, Ownr, and several other platforms. All of them are convenient in their own way, however, PandaDoc enjoys a considerable increase in popularity. First of all, it is connected with the fact that the service provides a lot of opportunities for a quite reasonable package rate. Besides, the software has powerful protection, while connection, file transfer, and the signature receive 256-bit SSL encryption, which is considered the most reliable today.


A beginner who has never dealt with this kind of software can quickly find his way around the program. Everything is clear and accessible, fast, and convenient. The tool operates with all operating systems and browsers, so there’s no need to install additional programs and software. You can learn more about PandaDoc at createmysignature.com.