Why did Final Fantasy 14 Become So popular?

If you watch online game streamers or have an interest in games, you must have come across the Final Fantasy 14 game at some point. The incredibly famous game is recently in buzz all across the globe although it has been around for over 7 years with a good following. 

But, what is the reason behind such mind-boggling popularity for a game which is not the latest release? Even the top gamers in the industry are trying out this game.


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Are you confused with the same question for Final Fantasy 14 after coming across the name multiple times on social media and the internet? Well, you have landed up in the best spot. Here is what makes FFXIV so popular.

  1. Free Trial: – 

The top reason behind the game getting to the top position in its lifetime both in terms of publicity and as a game is the free trial offer. Being an expensive game, there are no other competitors at present to provide a free trial to the users. Besides, not just a small part, the players can now play through “A Realm Reborn” as well as the first expansion Heavensward.

On top of this, one can experience all the features and options the story has to offer with minimum restrictions. 

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Now the game is accessible to games like never before making it feel like an opportunity to play an expensive game and experience its adventure. So, players from all around the world are trying the adventure of the game and increasing its popularity.

  1. Content creators

It is a mere fact that the content creator or game streamers are the most efficient influencers in this digital era. And, Final Fantasy 14 is now being promoted by the top-rated streamers in the world of Warcraft community. May it be twitch or any other streaming platform, you can see tons of videos related to this game.

Such publicity from content creators can indeed level up the popularity of any game on the Internet, and FFXIV is just an example of it.

  1. Solid graphics with great adventures

Besides the hype of the content creators, the graphics and storylines of it are quite appealing to attract enough audience from all around the world. Even in the free trial period, one will surely feel it intimidating to go for the paid subscription and buy an FFXIV account. 

  1. The latest addition of Endwalker Expansion

The final fantasy franchise comes along with compelling graphics and incredible adventures that provide an immersive experience to the players. 

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Well, now the first grand story arc of the new update is going to conclude with the Endwalkers expansion. This will surely increase the expectations of the game to a whole new level and many players are waiting to witness the winning moment.

The adventures will contain many tasks to accomplish and you can also buy the FFXIV GIL to level up in your game.

On top of this, great characters and exciting plots with dungeons and raids in Final Fantasy 14 are going to mesmerize the players which is why its popularity is skyrocketing.