Will Advertising on Vehicles Work in India?


Vehicle advertisement involves placing an advertisement on a vehicle so that everyone sees it. Vehicle advertising is one of the most effective and efficient forms of outdoor advertising, reaching more people at a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) than any other form of outdoor advertising. In a highly competitive advertising market, mobile van advertising is a cost-effective method to get a consumer’s attention in a big way.

It is one of the fastest-growing industries and one of the best ways to target consumers who are not exposed to TV, Magazines, and Newspapers. The eye-catching, moving billboards get people’s attention, and that is, after all, the goal of advertising.

In India, vehicle advertising is penetrating and there is a lot of growth opportunity in this particular industry. As the Indian economy grows, the need for advertising will also go up.

Did you know?

“The Indian automotive industry increased its spending on advertising budget on digital advertising from 12% in 2018 to 25% in 2020.”

In a crowded country like India, vehicle advertising has been known to boost name recognition up to several times more than any other form of advertising.

That’s a considerable insight for brand recognition. Passing by, pedestrians will not notice a plain white vehicle, but they will, however, notice a colored, attractive, professionally designed advertising van wrap.

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Mobile van advertising can claim the lowest cost per impression rate of any other form of advertising. This means in India, they are a great way for small business owners to affordably compete with vendors 10 times the size of their company. One of the biggest advantages of advertising on vehicles is that it essentially levels the advertising playing field for small business owners.

Most small business owners can not afford the expensive ways of advertising. Van advertising also allows business owners to target a specific group of people who can be converted into potential customers. And thus, it will help advertisers minimize their expenses.

It is also extremely effective when it comes to a new product launch or advertising an event. The advertisement of products on the fleet of vehicles looks more eye-catching and memorable, and it attracts more people to the advertisement and will help boost the sales of the particular product.

“More than 29% of people said outdoor advertising caused them to visit a retail store within a week of seeing the ad.”

In rural and backward areas of India, where the average household income is less than 5000 rupees, mobile advertising plays a major role in the local branding of products. People are more influenced by the moving advertisements and end up buying the product.

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Is vehicle advertising a better option in India?

India is a constantly changing country. Now, more and more people are buying vehicles, and thus more and more vehicles are on the roads. This simply means increasing the number of eyes on the road and providing more opportunities for business owners to advertise their products on the wrapped vehicles. People are more likely to buy a product they see on a hoarding attached to a moving vehicle.

Unlike billboards and posters, advertisements on vehicles are like giving your brand a facelift.

The wheels, and the advertisers, can target a wider audience geographically and by age group.

In a developing country like India, cost-effective techniques for advertising gain much more trust and attention compared to the other means of advertising. People favor affordable yet effective ways to promote their products. Advertising on vehicles is a great way for brand building, and people will be more likely to remember a product they see on a vehicle compared to a billboard.


Apparently, an eye-catching advertisement on the side of a vehicle will be a great way to turn your vehicle into a moving billboard. The cost of printing and the placement of billboards will come down with vehicle wraps. They can also be uniquely designed to suit your exact specifications.

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There is a vast opportunity in the market for vehicle advertising in India. As the Indian economy grows, so does the demand for advertising on vehicles.

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