You Deserve More in ESO

This game had a rocky start. For the first online entry in the franchise of single-player games, ESO couldn’t offer much in terms of content, and some of the gameplay mechanics weren’t that engaging. However, today, this MMORPG is one of the best on the market. Furthermore, the Elder Scrolls Online boosting service and alike are also booming

Why is that?


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First of all, the famous universe played a massive role in forming the community around the game. Lots of fans wondered what it would be like to travel across Tamriel in the company of friends. The second reason is the non-target combat that is way more engaging and exciting than the traditional tab-targeted combat system. Other outstanding features include – deep and extensive character building, open-world PvP with massive battles, an insanely satisfying housing system, and many other unique mechanics.

Now, why do people go for Elder Scrolls Online XP boost every once in a while?

Because the late game character progression is more than 30 times more expensive than the traditional leveling system in the game. Some even say that your character really grows with the Champion Points and not the levels, and in some sense, it is so. There’re so many things to do when you hit lvl 50. So many, in fact, that so many players get paralyzed by indecision.

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Hitting the max lvl, in this game means that you’re still in the tutorial stage of the game. You still won’t have access to the BiS gear. So, what this mean is that from here on out, you’re starting the process of collecting CPs and learning how to invest those. That is the stage when you start to focus on daily quests, and other repetitive content – gaining keys, and other things that’ll help you make your char stronger.

Furthermore, just like in the single player games of this franchise, ESO has lots of guilds that you can join. Don’t mix those with player-created ones, though. And so, since you can’t really go farm the best gear for you just yet, instead it is advised to lvl up the guilds, either by doing the PvP or PvE content, depending on your chosen guilds. Then, sooner or later, you’ll collect and use all 160 CPs. What do people do after that?

That’s when you go and farm the BiS gear as this is your first order of priority. Because by this time, most of your guilds are already maxed out, your skills are unlocked, your passives are invested. So, it’s just the manner of acquiring that gear. And once that is done, now you’re ready for the Veteran content. There’s a ton of dungeons on this difficulty and in each one you can get a variety of achievements.

There are also several additional modes available that will change the way you play that dungeon. It could be either a speedrun, a survival or something else. And that’s not even all that you can do in the late game. The group content, solo content, unlocking skins, dyes and other things is a very satisfying, yet time-consuming endeavor. But if you wish to do it all, you don’t have to spend too much time.

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It’s true that you can make your experience more rewarding and less demanding at the same time. So, do not waste any more time, go get the game and start exploring. And when you hit your roadblock, you can be rest assured that there’s something that will always give you a boost and save you some time. So, join this amazing, thriving community and explore the world of Tamriel with the ESO boost services as your little helper tool.