Your Guide To The Different Types Of Wigs


Our hair plays a significant role in our lives. Half of our beauty comes from the luscious, voluminous hair we have. But with time, as we grow older, we start losing hair, which is natural. Unfortunately, we can also lose hair when we are young, which can be caused by many other conditions. However, there are ways to restore your beauty.


When the home remedies aren’t working or are taking longer to regrow your hair, you can try putting on hair extensions or a wig. However, hair extensions are high maintenance and might cause other inevitable problems.


On the other hand, wigs from curly u part wigs by Heat Free Hair are harmless and effective. In this article, we shall discuss what kinds of wigs will suit you the best, so continue reading to know more.

Different Types Of Wigs You Should Know About


  1. Wig Style For Oval Faces: The oval faces are ideal because they are symmetrical and have no definite features. The chin is usually narrow and has a slightly narrow hairline. Almost every wig will be suitable if you have that kind of face.


So you get to decide which style will highlight more the shape of your face. You can consider bangs, long bobs, or hair with a few layers, making your hair look voluminous and even more attractive.

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  1. Wig Style For Round Faces: A round face usually has a wide hairline in a circular form. Women with such faces are considered to have relatively short and wide faces, as the widest part of round faces is the position of ears and cheeks.


For people with round faces, the best wig is to make the crown full and high, making the cheekbones slightly flat, thus lengthening your face. You can get such kinds of wigs from curly u part wigs by Heat Free Hair.


  1. Wigs Style For Square Faces: The square face is characterized by a broad forehead and an angular or wide jaw. As the outline of your hairline and jaw is distinct, you should avoid angular or straight hair, and most importantly, avoid hairstyles that end at the jaw as they overemphasize your features.


Try to find a wig style with a raised height at the top, which can elongate your symmetrical face and narrow both sides, creating an illusion of length.


  1. Wigs Styles For Long Faces: Long faces are common and tend to have a narrow width, elongated face, and protruding chin. Usually, the width of the chin and forehead are similar, and both sides of the cheeks are straight.
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A shoulder or chin-length wig would be a good idea for such faces. Also, the voluminous hair would make an illusion of a wider or full face. Going for a wavy and curly wig would be an ideal way to increase the volume and width of hair.

Wrapping Up

We all know how hair loss can destroy or ruin our beauty. But wigs can help you regain your beauty; if not fully, they can partly help you look beautiful and make you confident. So, get our wigs from curly u part wigs by Heat Free Hair that is most suitable for your face structure.