15 Web Development Trends for 2022 You Should Know About

Integration of current web development trends will ensure the sustainable development of companies and their ability to create a sustainable technical base with extensive potential for scaling. In turn, this will allow businesses to optimize their costs and increase investments in digital technologies. So, in this article, we will cover a list of promising trends in web development for 2022.


Although it’s almost impossible to replace developers entirely – because it often takes a developer to make a good no-code – no-code development will be widely used for websites that do not require heavy and robust technology implementation; perfect examples of no-code development are one-off landings, small online stores, and business card websites.

Since 2020, low code platform market revenue increased by almost 5 times reaching the whopping mark of $65 billion in 2022.


One of the key features of React is its versatility and adherence to the “Learn Once, Write Anywhere” approach. This library can be used on the server and mobile platforms with React Native.

In 2022, React has the largest market in terms of a number of downloads today.

The use of virtual DOM, declarative code, component-based approaches, and the use of JSX: all these features make React the trending technology for development in 2022.

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWAs are still trending; especially for e-commerce because they allow websites to work and look like real mobile apps. As mobile traffic grows worldwide, companies looking for cross-platform solutions can save budget and be sure that users will enjoy the experience of their product both on mobile and the web.

AMP Pages

Another major trend for mobile app optimization is AMP. Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source mobile acceleration technology. Google announced it in 2015, and now actively promotes it and continues to encourage website owners who use AMP to get higher positions in search results and want to increase the speed load of pages for users with a poor Internet connection.

This technology optimizes the mobile version of your website and is particularly useful for certain sections that do not require high functionality. A good application of APM is informational sites, blogs, online stores, etc.

AI Engineering

Another important business trend in 2022 is AI systems. Although AI is an omnipresent technology and widely used by many companies, they should keep in mind that any existing AI solution loses its relevance rather quickly and cease to be useful for automating business processes. Therefore, many companies should be revising their AI algorithms’ relevance and integrating new custom models into their technical infrastructure. That is why AI will continue to dominate in the web development market.

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Single Page Applications (SPA)

More and more accessible technologies emerge in the web development sector every year. They allow the implementation of solutions more quickly and without breaking the bank.


One of such technologies is SPA. It is widely adopted by social networks, e-commerce websites, management software, etc.

Single Page applications load all the necessary code at once, but it shows only the fragment you need. When the user wants to go to another page, the browser retrieves the data from the loaded code and rapidly displays it without refreshing the page. If necessary, the browser will also ask to load the server’s dynamic content onto the page.

SPAs have been around for a long time; however, with more and more SMEs and startups entering the market, SPA could be a great opportunity for them. For example, Gmail, Facebook, services for hosting IT projects, and GitHub: all of these solutions are based on SPA technology.


Developers are looking to simplify web development both for themselves and for clients. This is where JAMstack technology comes into place. It is an acronym for three terms: JavaScript, API, and Markup.

It enables developers to create web and mobile applications faster because they don’t have to worry about server and hosting (everything is set up for them), and it’s easier and cheaper for the developer to scale up such solutions.

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By using JAMstack, the website content is created through the Headless CMS, the code is created through a framework, and to link them together, a static site generator is used.

As a result, most of the logic of the web application is delegated to the client side, and all the complex functionality, usually requiring time, and resources, is implemented through third-party APIs.

Another web development trend to look for in 2022 as it simplifies development greatly, and saves costs for many medium-sized companies.

Headless CMS

Adding some variety to a CMS-based website can be daunting for developers. Headless CMS technology solves this problem: it allows the server to manage the content through APIs. This allows companies to use one backend to manage the content of multiple products at once: multiple websites or a website with an app.

A perfect example of websites with headless CMS is Tinder, DuoLingo, Mozilla, DuckDuck blogs, IBM, Walmart, and NASA.

Cloud Services

The importance of cloud services and data storage has never been greater as more and more teams work remotely. Data stored in the cloud is easily accessible to all project participants, regardless of their location. The demand for such services is steadily growing, and creating such products is one of the most promising areas of front-end development.

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Serverless Architecture

Software development usually involves managing the physical infrastructure on which the code runs and maintaining the server. With the growing trend of serverless architecture, software developers can completely forget about all the administrative costs and focus solely on writing code.

One of the major advantages is:

  • rapid application deployment since developers don’t have to worry about architecture and infrastructure;
  • Cost savings: no need to spend resources on server and database maintenance.
  • Scalability
  • Data safety


Because of the growing popularity of serverless architecture, containers are gaining more popularity: Gartner predicts that by 2022, more than 75% of organizations worldwide will use containerized applications (currently only 30%).

A container is a software package that contains all the dependencies: code, runtime, configuration, and system libraries. Containers are almost a panacea for web-based systems: they are lightweight, fast, and can work at a sufficient level of abstraction. They also reduce the cost of developing and running applications.


Cyber Security


According to Gartner, cyber security will become more disruptive in 2022. The shift toward remote working and moving operations online gave hackers more opportunities to access valuable data through security vulnerabilities. Therefore, web development consultants and tech companies need to pay huge attention to cyber security: constant updating of technology infrastructure, integration of technology and security solutions, cybersecurity meshes, and having filters in place to deal with web threats.

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A few years ago, DevOps approaches were only important for large enterprises. However, with the rapid development of cloud-oriented technologies and microservices architecture, as well as COVID-19 increasing demand for online web-based applications, DevOps is becoming vital for modern software development.



Composable Applications


Such applications are based on a set of modular components, which helps to change the software architecture quickly and safely. Composable applications are much more adaptive than “monolithic” products. This makes it much easier and faster to bring software to market and scale, and develop new products based on existing code.


Maximum speed from idea to implementation, flexibility, orchestration, and reliability will drive even more companies towards composable application development.


Wrapping up


Many of these trends are already implemented by numerous tech and non-tech companies. However, one of the main trends to look for in 2022 are solutions that simplify resources and development efforts, automate internal processes, and secure the infrastructure from any cyber threats. This can be achieved by using microservices and cloud services, cybersecurity meshes, and AI/ML solutions.

About the author:
Janet Polson is a graduate of George Washington University in International business. She is an unspoken expert in the study of science and philosophy. Janet is also a blogger, author of tech articles and she works as business analyst at Computools.

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