4 Challenges of Teachers During Online Classes in 2021

Teachers in today’s society deal with a lot of paperwork and related media. Saving something significant in a digital file format is one of the safest and most versatile methods to keep it, and PDF is one of the most popular digital formats for saving educational documents. Teachers use PDFs because they are inexpensive to create and are universal, meaning that files will appear the same to everyone and on any device. The fact that PDF files cannot be modified is a significant advantage.


Teachers frequently need to make changes to their PDF content, which is not always an easy task. The demand to modify PDF files is growing as their use in the educational system grows. Teachers need dependable PDF converters so that they can share files with their students and digital portfolios can be updated and maintained more readily.

Teachers Make Use of a Reliable PDF Tool

PDF to Word converter is a dependable PDF tool that can improve the way of teaching. Teaching is a high profession that can benefit from technological advancements to improve teaching and learning. Online PDF tool converters are now commonly available in a single click.


One of the most popular is the PDFBear PDF converter program, which has simple and easy-to-understand processes that have helped teachers with their paperwork.

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  • To use the PDFBear PDF converter, you can either select files’ or ‘drag and drop files.
  • The text or scanned pages from your PDF will be extracted by the converter.
  • Allow time for the conversions to complete.
  • Once completed you can now download and modify a well-formatted Word document.


PDFBear teamed with Solid Documents, which provides the best PDF to Word conversions. Simply drag & drop your files into the appropriate areas, and PDFBear will convert your file. The conversion tool can quickly convert your PDF file to a Word document. It also requires no installation, making it universally accessible. Solid-Framework is behind the PDF Conversion tool and brings it to you. Their technology has proven to be superior to any other online application when it comes to converting PDF to Word, ensuring that standards and quality are preserved. Because of PDFBear’s simplicity anyone can use the platform and can also easily teach those who need this converter. All conversions are supported by Cloud and users’ privacy is highly protected.

The Challenges with Online Classes

Lack of Preparation

Online learning has proven to be an effective way to keep skills sharp during school closures. But, there are still worries that online learning was a poor substitute for face-to-face instruction, particularly in the absence of widespread access to technology and inadequate teacher and student preparation for the specific needs of online teaching and learning.

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Technology Advancement

Students who use new learning technology advancement, have positive learning attitudes, self-control, and are intrinsically motivated to study all help them succeed in school, but these may be especially crucial if online learning continues.

Emotional Support

Students’ attitudes and dispositions are influenced by the support they receive from their families and teachers. Parental emotional support and teacher enthusiasm are important for the development of positive learning attitudes that students acquire that will allow them to fully utilize online learning opportunities. However, due to a lack of time, limited digital skills, or a lack of curricular requirements, some families and teachers may struggle to give such help.

Education System

Education systems should strive to strengthen engagement between schools and parents. It is vital to support teachers’ training in the use of digital resources for the learning process and to promote teaching practices that are appropriate for this context to ensure that ICT is effectively utilized.


Teacher’s Technological Assistance

Because online learning is entirely reliant on technological devices and the internet, instructors and students with poor internet connections may be denied access. Online learning’s reliance on technological equipment, as well as the provision of such equipment, posed a significant challenge for educational institutions. Students with outdated technological devices may find it difficult to meet up with some instructors.  Students with accessibility issues may find it difficult to follow instructions posted on the course announcement section of programs.

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For both the teacher and the students, online software is essential. This student was unable to download the browser despite repeated attempts, and it was later discovered that she was using an outdated device that was incompatible with the browser or that she was unfamiliar with the online platform or tools. Teachers benefit greatly from the PDF tool, which is one of the most extensively utilized nowadays. It assists them in reducing their workload by allowing them to easily convert and share relevant documents or paperwork.


The fast and unexpected digital transformation of schools has placed a significant burden on institutions. E-platforms, integrate existing external applications into their system, and complete full migration to external applications. Teachers share a portion of the workload because they are in charge of converting their course materials to be e-platform appropriate for students.



Teachers should take the initiative in developing relationships with their students. It is also a great way to introduce and teach some reliable and powerful tools that can be a great help to their students. Students will understand that they can approach their teachers with any queries.


Digital competence is a collection of abilities, knowledge, and attitudes that are used when using digital technologies to perform tasks such as problem-solving, information management, and cooperation concerning effectiveness, efficiency, and ethics. In this digital era, which is not limited to education but embraces all parts of life.