5 Rules You Must Not Violate While Writing an Essay


Doing assignments won’t be an issue if you follow the following steps

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A common perception is that essay writing is so simple but it is not.

In the UK, students are frequently assigned essays. The purpose is to make students learn, argumentative, analytical, intellectual, and good writing skills (Greetham, 2018)

Many students do it with interest and many others take this type of assignment for granted and complete them in a rush. You shouldn’t do that. There are set rules for essays that must be followed, no matter which type of essay you are writing.

This post will explore the most common types of essays students are assigned, their writing patterns, and the rules that are implemented on each type. Further, the reasons why these rules should not be broken will be discussed in detail.

Different Types of Essays Assigned to the Students

Following types of essays play a significant part in students’ intellectual and academic growth.

  • Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are those in which students have to present arguments in the form of agreement and disagreement with the assigned topic. These essays make the students learn how to present a conflicting point in a comprehensive way. 

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However, many international students and employed students buy argumentative essay online, sometimes due to the high educational standards in the UK and sometimes, due to the academic burden. 

  • Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essay writing teaches the students how to persuade something to believe or adopt something. The language of this type of essay should be convincing that can compel the reader on what is suggested. Persuasive essays prepare the students for their professional lives especially those who want to enter the field of marketing in the future. 

  • Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are those in which the writer shares any of his experiences. It’s sometimes a real story and sometimes it’s imaginative. This type of essay writing shows how efficiently you grab the reader’s attention. A good narrative essay holds such words and expressions to which the reader can read or in which he can find interest.

  • Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays are in which you need to hit all the five senses of the readers i.e. sight, smell, hear, taste, touch. These essays are written in such a way that the reader can find himself in the scene which is portrayed by words. This is the most interesting type of essay. 

  • Expository Essays

As the name shows, in these types of essays, you have to expose an idea. The process of exposition in this type of essay involves investigation, evaluation, interpretation, evidence, and conclusion. Expository essays that are assigned to the signs require the exposition of a hypothesis or existing theories, etc. 

  • Compare and Contrast Essays
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In compare and contrast essays, the teacher asks the students to find out similarities and dissimilarities between two or more ideas, reports, case studies, books, cultures, eras, regions, or anything they can conceive. These types of essays are tricky and require qualitative research so that you can get to know different perspectives and opinions about the two ideas you are doing to compare and contrast. 

  • Analytical Essays

Analytical essays critically analyze the topic. In analytical essays, students have to discuss the topic in the light of an argument. These types of essays make the students think critically and add to their analytical skills. The students who belong to science essays are frequently assigned analytical essays, and the students of English literature and linguistics are also required to produce quality content for this type of essay. 

Essential Rules for Essay Writing

You cannot write any of the above types of essays as a Freeplay. The five rules that are stated below should strictly be implied on each of these essay types. 

  • Follow Correct Structure and Format

The structure of the essay i.e. the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion is a fixed rule to be followed correctly in all types of essays.  You must know how to write a proper introduction and a comprehensive conclusion. 

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This rule must not be violated because this is the universal pattern of essay writing that you cannot change or modify unless you have the authority. An essay without an introduction and conclusion is always considered to be incomplete; rather it doesn’t seem to be an essay at all. 

  • Write Clear and Concise Paragraphs

You should write short sentences in your essays because long sentences add complexity and make the meaning ambiguous. The length of the paragraph must not exceed 100 words. Also, avoid passive voice (Tennant, 2020). This is another important rule that is necessary to be followed to keep your essays clear and concise. Further, it enhances the readability of the content. 

  • Stay Stick to the Point – Be Relevant

The third rule that you must not violate is to keep relevancy above all. You should stick to your main idea and the topic. Do not roam hither and thither in the realm of thoughts as well as in research. Adding irrelevant points in your essay content blurs the main focus of the essay and damages its effectiveness. 

  • Use Accurate Information

The facts and figures and other ideological information you add to your essays must be authentic and accurate. This means the sources you use to collect data for your essay must be credible. If you don’t have good research skills, you may ask professionals to write my essay cheap UK based. Also, each word should be written with concentration to avoid mistakes while presenting numerical data. The implementation of this rule determines the worth of your essay. 

  • Avoid Plagiarism
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Plagiarism is highly condemned. It’s really unethical to copy someone else’s content without giving him credit. Also, it leads you to a direct zero. So, students must not write plagiarized content for their essays. Your essay should be unique and 100% original. Originality is another essential rule of essay writing. 

Final Note

This is a detailed account of what the rules of essay writing are and why they shouldn’t be avoided at any cost. Editing and proofreading are also a must that helps you make your essays perfect by all means and don’t let your effort go in vain. 


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