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LED TV vs LCD TV – Which One Should You Buy?

To all the individuals looking out to buy a television, it is the best time to crack a deal. Some amazing offers and discounts are going on. Grab on before your favorite television goes to someone else at a price like never before. However, the problem lies in deciding while considering LCD vs LED difference. This happens because the market praises both equally.

However, you need to make an investment based on your individual needs and not what others love. If you are paying for your television, it should perform for you. Brands are there showcasing some amazing features and bumper discounts on both LED and LCD. Which one to choose? Are you still confused about the best smart TV in India? If yes, we help you to understand the features and benefits of both, so that you decide at the end of the post.

What is an LCD?

LCD is a very popular liquid crystal display device that gave the television market a new era. Gone are the days of heavy and bulky television boxes that only have hazy channels. With LCD, the era of flat-screen television came. It promises the perfect picture quality and you enjoy the perfect piece of décor in your living room.

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If you are having a limited budget for an affordable flat-screen TV, an LCD is the one for you.

What is an LED?

An LED on the other hand is the advancement of LCD. As popularly known, the light-emitting diode is a better version of a flat-screen TV. If you are impressed with an LCD, you would be shocked to see the amazing look of an LED. It is much thinner and bigger. The price range is a little high, as it produces the best picture. The light-emitting diode produces its own light and does not just reflect the available light, like the LCD technology. If you are looking for a perfect viewing experience, an LED will win your heart.

Advantages of LCD TV

  • If you choose an LCD, you will have some limitations with the usage. An LCD can work maximum for 10 years, and not more than except for the exceptional case. If you are going on its low price, you will get the complete worth of your investment.
  • Affordable. The LCD is the first television technology that is a flat-screen. It is there in the market for a very long time. Since it is popularly being there in the television market, the price range has been low. It is not any more expensive like it was at the time of advent.
  • Good quality pictures are not a myth with an LCD TV. If you are spending an affordable budget, you can enjoy the perfect picture quality as per your investment. It is better not to compare with the latest technologies that are double the price.
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Disadvantages of LCD TV

  • An LCD is much thicker than an LED TV. If you compare the flatness, an LED will surely win. If you wish to own a perfectly flat screen television, this will disappoint you.
  • An LCD consumes a lot of power. It becomes hot if you keep on using it for a long period. The electricity bills also get affected, if you are using an LCD for a long time.
  • Many LCDs are not compatible and do not support 4k resolution. You cannot get s perfect picture quality if you are not experiencing 4k resolution on a flat-screen.

Advantages of LED TV

  • The lifespan of 50,000 hours. If you are investing a good amount of money initially, you will get a good value.
  • Better contrast and color quality for a sharper image. This is because the light-emitting diode produces own light and it has bright and clears images.
  • The LED TV is very energy efficient. It may be expensive but you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run. More energy-efficient, making them cheaper.
  • With an LED you can enjoy the perfect flat and thin screen television.
  • LED supports ultra HD and 4k resolution which means you will have the best picture quality and high definition cinematic experience.
  • There are no chances of pollution issues as LED TV does not include mercury.
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Disadvantages of LED TV

Expensive: LED TV is expensive as compared to the LCD. If you have a very low budget you will not be able to afford one. LG LED Tv starts just at 14999

Wrapping up

Considering all the pros and cons, it is easy to choose the best one for you. If you want the best smart TV in India, it has to be an LED. So the confusion between LED vs. LCD is best understood as the one that meets your needs, will win.