Importance of Raksha Bandhan in Indian Culture

Are you looking to buy Rakhi Online for Brother or sending it abroad? But before that do your know what is the importance of tying a Rakhi on brother’s wrist. Don’t know? This blog will provide you all information regarding this.

India is full of mythological aspects that heavily influence religion as well. One of these mythologies provides a unique celebration known as the Raksha Bandhan day. As the mythology states, it was the same day during the Mahabharata era when Draupadi tied the Rakhi on the wrist of Krishna. He previously had injured his finger while using a chakra. As the story goes, there was a lot of blood flowing, and therefore Draupadi tore a piece of cloth from her saree. This piece was tied around Krishna’s wrist and since then has resembled a sign of protection. During the Mughal and ancient days, it was a token of unity and brotherhood as the queens used to deliver rakhis to the neighboring kings. Whether you are sending rakhi gifts to the USA or any other country, it’ll be good to know the history behind it.

The History behind Raksha Bandhan

According to the Hindu calendar, this day is always celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Shravan. This day is also known as Purnima among the Hindu religion and is a crucial day for Rakshabandhan. Culturally speaking, this day is destined to strengthen the love and affection, and trust among sisters and their brothers. Not only that, but it also includes praying for health and life’s happiness as well. Sisters usually do these best wishes and prayers while they tie the Rakhi on their brother’s wrist. Similarly, how it happened with Krishna, this tradition has been made very common among the Hindu culture. When finding rakhi for brother online, many sisters follow the color of clothing similar to what Krishna had.

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The Beauty of Love and Affection in Rakhi

While many might say that it’s just a piece of thread or clothing around a brother’s wrist, there’s much more to it than that. Among Hinduism followers, it is not just a simple piece of clothing or thread, but it showcases protection and unity. It is widespread to hear that this thread is stronger than the strongest of chains from Hindus. The word ‘Raksha’ translates to safety or guard for the one it’s being tied to. Notably, the term ‘Bandha’ translates to tying or binding. Following the traditions, a majority of Hindu sisters prepare a particular type of bouquet. Within this, there’s the religious puja thali alongside the Diya, Rice, Roli, and of course, the Rakhi. After praying to the major Gods of Hinduism, sisters tie the Rakhi to their brother’s wrist. Not only that but if their brothers are abroad, they usually send rakhi gifts to USA or any state. Moving further, they also keep praying while tying the thread for their happy life and well-being.

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Following the Traditions

During this, traditionally, the brother accepts this symbol of love and swears to protect his sister. Usually, brothers also give their sisters to celebrate with even more joy. Sisters always showcase their passion for brothers by buying several rakhi gifts before the day. This festival among Hindus is perhaps the most emotional festival among their culture. Not only it sweetly purifies the emotions but also strengthens the bonds with the thread of love. This love and affection are what make Raksha Bandhan so beautiful in Hindu culture. So whether you want to send rakhi gifts to India or somewhere else for your brother, always showcase love as much as possible. Not to mention that finding a Rakhi for brother online is relatively easy nowadays due to the vast number of available options.

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A Fixed Festival for Centuries to Come

While many Hindu fanatics try to oppose this due to some reasons, restricting this festival to brothers and sisters is not considered right. It is almost viewed as blinding the bond among siblings or anyone. The importance of Rakshabandhan is in the way to express love and affection. Throughout the centuries, this festival has dramatically evolved from its sense, expression as well as culture. There is way more than tying Rakhis around the hand of the brother nowadays. In many cultures they tie these threads around trees for the protection of tribal civilians.

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On the other hand, many people tie it to their pets and even friends to some extent. People belonging to slightly different beliefs gift this to each other as a message of love and affection within an entity. This festival of Rakshabandhan has evolved to become a much more meaningful aspect of expressing love and unity and respect.


Now that you know this culture’s lovely history, it will be much more joyful when you celebrate this festival. Whether you are a sister wanting to send rakhi gifts to India or anywhere or just enjoying, try to maximize love as much as possible. When looking for an online Rakhi for brother, try to keep things as cultural as possible because, after all, culture matters the most. Not only that, like many traditions, tried to stick with the most common ones. It will enhance the festival’s charm, even more when you adequately express it with traditional affection.

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