Custom Ring Boxes

Ring; An All Times Favorite Ornament

This history of engagement rings goes back to ancient times. It is an all-time favorite piece of jewelry and has great sentimental value. It is cherished and loved for a long time. However, just as the clothing trends come and go, the styles of engagement rings have evolved over time. Historians believe that the tradition of engagement originated from a Roman custom in which wives wore rings to small keys, which represents their husbands’ ownership. The rings were basically the symbol of ownership and not love as it is today. Luckily, nowadays, engagement rings are only given to the prospective spouse to express love and the promise to stay together forever. 


The ring shopping is the most exciting yet difficult time. The engagement ring should be so beautiful and be bought after a long thought process because it is just a one-time give, and it holds so much importance in one’s life. It is not just about going into the store and make a purchase. You have to have extensive research for the jeweler-jargons, the new style, and choose your favorite ring cut.


Moreover, you have to be very selective for even the minute things like the ring boxes, and they should be enticing and be protective enough to secure the ring from getting any sort of dust or rust. You will see the ring box before seeing the ring itself, so make an informed decision and look for every detail.


Following is the detailed guide for you to help you find the perfect engagement ring.


The Ring Cut 

The famous gemologist Olivia Landau says, ‘Many people confuse a diamond’s cut with a diamond’s shape. A diamond’s cut indicates how well the diamond is proportioned. Round brilliant diamonds have cut grades ranging from Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.” So, while purchasing the ring, do not get confused by thinking that shape and cut are the same things. 


Choose A Metal 

It really depends on your budget that which metal you want on the ring. With less budget even, you can have a beautiful ring with a good sense of purchasing. Wedding bands can be made from yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum. Platinum is, however, an expensive metal because of its density, but the yellow and white gold’s band does not demand a major setback to your cash. They are economical and look equally elegant and beautiful. 


The Carat Size 

Before making a purchase of a ring, you should definitely have the carat size in your mind. It depends on your budget again, the more the size of the carat will be the more expensive it will be. The carat size is not about how large the stone is. It is all about the weight of the stone. Landau says, “you also have to consider the diamond’s cut and dimensions. Where the diamond holds its weight is what will determine how large the diamond appears.”


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When you pop into the jewelry store, you need to keep an open mind that the ring may cost you much higher than you have thought initially. Buy a diamond, and you will save money, and no one will be able to tell if it is a .92 carat instead of a 1 carat. 


Make Sure You Buy A Certified Stone 

Buying an engagement ring may be the most expensive purchase of your life. So, you have to choose wisely and take time with your purchase. When you have finally chosen your dream ring, make sure you buy a certified stone from a laboratory such as the American Gem Society or any like lab.

The most famous anniversary rings involve your one year anniversary as it’s a huge achievement for you as a newlywed couple.


Many couples also celebrate their landmark years, such as their sixth, ninth, fifteenth, twentieth and twenty-fifth birthdays. Do not get dazzled by jewelers’ tricks and buy only the high-quality stone that is tested from renowned laboratories. The other labs can have overstated grades giving the customers the illusion of a great stone, but they have actually gotten a lower quality stone. 



Picking a perfect gift for your partner is definitely a tough feat, and it requires a lot of thought process. It’s also popular to offer anniversary rings in years when you and your wife have introduced to your families. Whether you’ve just learned the However, keep a few factors in your mind can make your purchase easy and hassle-free. Choose sensibly and make it the best gift or engagement ring for your prospective spouse.