Different Types Of Kurtis

What Are The Different Types Of Kurtis?

When it comes to traditional wear in a country like India, one cannot simply imagine their wardrobes without Kurtis for women. This is one of the most common garments for people across this country, be it women or men. To keep up with the trending styles in the world of fashion, one should go beyond the conventional ways of dressing up that would make the very change in someone’s everyday lifestyle.


The history of this garment goes back to very old times, as long as the Indus Valley Civilization. People during this period hugely preferred wearing Kurtis instead of any other outfit. Rather, one can say that all the other garments that we have today have come up only after the Victorian era. Before that, in Asian countries, the trend of Kurtis and kurtas were predominant. The fact that people preferred wearing this outfit above everything else, makes the way for the kind of comfort a Kurti for ladies must be providing.


Why do Women prefer Kurti in abundance?


As we are well-aware of the fact that, in India, the cotton fabric is produced in abundance. Keeping the weather conditions in mind, one should invariably prefer wearing this particular fabric now and then, especially when it comes to Kurtis. To begin with, it is the element of comfort that one feels while wearing this particular garment. While wearing any outfit. Keeping comfort as a priority is the first thing one should do. Therefore, women’s dresses provide this aspect of comfort in the best way possible.

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The next thing is the ease of wearing a Kurti. Pair this garment with either a pair of trousers, jeans, or even leggings and jeggings, according to one’s preference at any time. This is the best garment to pick up, in case a person is in a hurry to visit a place or even an office as a Kurti is very much Indian formal wear.


Furthermore, the availability of ladies Kurtis will not be an issue at any point. It is because of the intense usage of the same. One can visit any online or offline store, and a Kurti with several designs and patterns will be up for sale. This is the sole reason why this garment is a go-to one for a lot of people out there.


An amalgamation of traditional and contemporary along with comfort is exactly what a Kurti makes one feel. There is no hassle that goes into wearing this piece of cloth. Pairing it with a variety of other garments becomes easier as people try new ways of styling every once in a while. For any garment to be popular, one has to be able to buy the same without much expense. A Kurti is one of the most affordable garments for a women’s closet.

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Different Types of Kurtis one can wear daily


One can explore a variety of options when it comes to wearing a Kurti. Some of the most sought after types are mentioned below:


  • A-Line Kurti
  • Long Straight Kurti
  • Indo-Western Kurti
  • Flared Kurti
  • Anarkali Kurti
  • Shirt Kurti
  • Kaftan Kurti
  • Color Block Kurti
  • Top layer as a small jacket in a Kurti
  • Asymmetrical Kurti
  • Denim Kurti
  • Double layered Kurti
  • High low Kurti
  • Printed Kurti
  • Side slit or Front slit Kurti


The above-mentioned list will give everyone a fair idea of what to wear if they are choosing a ladies Kurti as an option to go with for various events.


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