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Color Matching Guide for Your Shoes and Outfit

Every other day, I come across men making poor shoe choices. The problem isn’t the type of shoes worn but the wrong color. When the outfit and the shoe’s color don’t pair, it’s a recipe for disaster.

When deciding what shoes or boots to wear, consider more than just the style of the shoes. The color equally matters. Get the shade wrong and you will end up looking unattractive. Like everything else in your outfit, nailing the shoe color is crucial.

Most men prefer sticking to black shoes. Yes, it’s a must-have in every man’s wardrobe but there are other colors that deserve a special place in your shoe closet as well. Let this guide explain to you, how to match shoes with your outfit by experimenting with colors.

Black Shoes

When in doubt, black shoes are your best bet. For formal occasions, black oxfords are ideal. But black limits what other colors you can wear. Black shoes don’t just pair well with all black tailoring but grey and charcoal tailoring as well. They can also be paired with blue tailoring as long as you stick to darker shades of blue.

It’s harmless to wear black shoes with brown chinos and khaki pants on less formal occasions. Some people wonder if black shoes can be worn with jeans. I would recommend choosing black Chelsea boots with dark denim.

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Whatever you do, avoid wearing black shoes with shorts or you will be re-creating a school uniform.

black shoe

Brown Shoes

There is a tone in brown shoes for almost any situation. They are by far the smartest workplace shoes. This shade has the power to add personality in almost anything (except for tuxedos and a black suit).

Lighter shades of brown are more suited for casual wear. Make brown shoes your go-to option for chinos of any color. Just be careful that you don’t match them too closely. At least 2 shades of difference must be there between the shoes and trousers. Otherwise, it will appear as if you are wearing a onesie.

A darker shade of brown looks great with indigo denim and other washed-out shades. Brown shoes and black jeans are a match made in heaven as far as fashion is concerned. For a less formal appearance, go for Chelsea boots in brown.

brown shoes

Tan Shoes

It’s one of the most causal tones of brown. If you are to wear tan shoes, go for suede. But you can only wear them casually. Tan works well if you want to personalize an outfit. It is a good anchor for brighter blue and outfits with patterns.

Tan shoes can be effortlessly paired with jeans of all shades and chinos of any color. They are a perfect summer wear to lighten up the look. The great news is you can also get away with wearing tan shoes with shorts. But I recommend wearing something without laces like suede or penny loafers.

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tan shoes

Blue Shoes

Blues shoes are a thing too. Men who don’t like to experiment with their looks get a little uncomfortable when they see blue shoes. That’s okay, they are not for everyone.

But blue is a perfect way of adding a little personality to your looks. If you want to wear blue shoes, go for something flashy like suede brogues. They can be worn with a suit of any color except for black. For a casual look, blue chukka boots are a wonderful option. They look perfect with jeans. Although they are rugged, you can wear them to a bar or a restaurant. Again, when wearing blue shoes, make sure the shades of your trousers and shoes don’t match too closely.

White Trainers

Lots of men these days are seen wearing white trainers.

White trainers, the sneakers that are also smart shoes, are widely available. Although all-white tennis shoes always existed, they couldn’t be worn as casually as the white trainers available today.

The best thing about these trainers is that as long as the pair is completely clean and logo-free, they can be worn with anything. No wonder men are spotted wearing suits and trainers. Only men who work at a law firm can’t wear this combination.

They also look great with jeans, chinos, parachute pants, and shorts. You can continue wearing trainers with anything you like as long as they are clean. Seriously, battered and stained white sneakers are a big no. To keep your trainers in pristine condition, keep on prepping them with a CREP protect spray. If you find them catching dirt, use baby wipes to clean them up. This is the only way to prevent them from star

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Final Advice

It’s clear – regardless of how sharp your outfit is, if the shoes aren’t complimenting the attire because of their color, it’s a disaster. Follow the advice shared in this guide to color coordinate your outfit and shoes and nail a smart look every time!