5 Tips To Make Skin Summer-Ready

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Summer is officially here. You may think of vacations, swimsuits, off-shoulder tops, and beach novels for the warm weather. But neglecting your beauty and skincare routine in the harsh summer is not a good idea. There are plenty of sun defense creams and natural remedies to guard your skin, but your lifestyle habits also reflect your skin health

Here are five essential tips to make your skin dazzle all summer long. 

1.    Natural Cleansers For Skin

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In winters, most facial cleansers have heavy-duty moisturizers to address dry skin woes. In summers, our skin prefers cool ingredients to keep itself clean. However, once the weather turns cooler and the air drier, maintaining luminous skin is a challenge. 

Pick no-rinsing micellar water, if you are on the go, to cleanse your face morning or night. Alternatively, try CBD essentials from cannabis stores like Weedsmart. Their cleansing products are light and comfortable and rinse out excess oil and impurities, causing no dryness. You may also try topical CBD like weed-infused cream, serum, and bath products to flaunt healthy skin in summers. They soothe sunburns and are a miracle treatment for problems.

2.    Maintain Skin Hydration.

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With rising humidity and scorching heat, your skin may lose natural moisture. Sweat and perspiration can lead to dehydrated skin. Drink plenty of water all through the day for sufficient body hydration.

Drinks and colas refresh your mouth, but it doesn’t revitalize your body. Keep sipping fruit-infused and lemon-peppered water after a few hours every day to maintain your body’s electrolyte balance. Besides food and drinks, you may also use a gel-based sleep mask. Refrigerate it for a few minutes before putting on the gel eye mask. It delivers a cool and soothing effect.

3.    Never Skip A Sunscreen.

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Most of you use sunscreen before stepping out. Apply it even when you are indoors while sitting in front of a screen. Sunscreens form a protection layer on your skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Invest in a broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen of SPF 25 or greater for long-term protection. Reapply the sunscreen after a few hours a day. Even in winters, apply sunscreen for your brief outside stay.    

Suntan is something you can’t evade in summers. Put on a wide-brimmed hat covering your cheeks to minimize the harmful effect of the sun. If your epidermis is prone to frequent suntan, use alternative remedies like milk face packs, tan removal scrubs, and serums to restore your skin whiteness.

4.    Eat Antioxidant-Rich Diet.

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Healthy eating is a must, particularly in summer. Along with water and liquid infusions, consume fresh seasonal picks in fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits, blueberries, melon, nuts, and summer vegetables like bitter gourd, bottle gourd, ladyfinger, and beans.

Include Omega-3s and broccoli in your meals to strengthen your body with powerful antioxidants. They encourage collagen production, reduce body inflammation, and shield your skin from the sun’s damaging effects. Make salads an essential part of your meal for their fiber, vitamins, and nutrition value. 

5.    Moisturize Well After A Bath.

A hot spa or a cold shower can deplete your body’s essential oils, leading to epidermis dryness and irritation. Apply a light body moisturizer on your face, arms, and body to lock in the moisture. Consider checking skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, petroleum jelly, the lanolin in your moisturizers as they help lock in moisture and hydrate the skin. 

For those with dry skin, make body massage with lukewarm body oil a must. This will add the proper nourishment to your skin and ward off premature skin aging. Consider after-bath oils like sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil to deliver deep, lasting moisture to your skin. 

Adopt Ethical Approach In Choosing Skincare Products.

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While you look for moisturization and wellness in beauty merchandise, some products have excessive fragrances and formulas to overwhelm you. However, artificial fragrances and alpha hydroxy acid can cause a drying effect on your skin. Deodorant soaps are drying and harsh and may strip your skin of natural oils, causing wrinkles and premature aging. 

Limit the purchase and use of deodorant soaps. They can disturb the skin pH in odor-prone areas like feet, armpits, and genital areas. Avoid moisturizing soaps, creams, and lotions that contain such additives. Get into the habit of buying fair price, cruelty-free products to help preserve the ecosystem. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a frequent traveler or an at-home lady, tailor your skincare routine to your skin type. Avoid blow-drying your hair after every head wash as excess heat is not suitable. Additionally, do not change your hair masques and conditioners frequently. Focus on buying paraben and sulfate-free shampoos free of chemicals and preservatives. Exfoliate your body to remove dead skin once a week to allow a healthier and radiant summer. Get a facial done after every fortnight to plump up your face muscles. 


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